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Prejaculation Pre-Sell Review Text For Affiliate Use

Reviews are probably the number 1 way to pre-sell traffic and send conversions through the roof! You can make a poor converting product into a sales monster using good review text. If you can, opt for a review or pre-sales text over a banner or text link any day.

There are 2 main ways to create review text.

The first is to have 3 or more products with the top 3 having short, genuine reviews. The product you place at number 1 will be the one that sells the best for you as it has the best review and the number 1 spot.

The other way (and possibly one of the best) to create a good pre-sell is to use single site reviews like these below. Feel free to use these examples as a basis for your own reviews... Or, as long as you agree with the review, find the one that fits the best and you can copy, paste (make any changes you like) and use them in your marketing to promote

Review #1: Building sexual stamina the scientific way…

The trouble with most ‘solutions’ to the problem of premature ejaculation is that they’re just a cobbled together collection of random tips, most of which are pretty old and tired out. The advanced guide Prejaculation breaks the mold in that respect. You see, it takes a much more scientific approach to solving the problem, and considering that premature ejaculation is a biological and physiological problem, this can only be a good thing.

Prejaculation covers the subject of premature ejaculation from every angle, starting with the real causes of the problem. The misconceptions and downright falsehoods surrounding the problem are blown out of the water straight away. Then it launches straight into the heart of the subject: how to STOP premature ejaculation and START having sex for as long as you damn well please—and let’s face it, this is what every man wants. The book covers the following in great detail:

- How to strengthen and tone your ‘PC muscle’, to give you greater control over when you come, as well as harder, longer lasting erections,

- What to eat and when to eat it to boost your sexual health and encourage blood flow to and from your penis,

- How to use sex positions the expert way, to have sex without stopping and without coming too soon.

It’s all written clearly and presented in the order in which you need to use the techniques. Plus, it has photos and diagrams to show you everything you need to know in clear way. To put it simply, if you’ve got a problem with not lasting long enough in bed, you can’t go wrong using this scientifically minded instructional book.

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Review #2: The premature ejaculation manual that covers all angles…

What is it with some of the so-called sexual stamina improvement guides out there? Lots of them contain great information, but one strange fact links them all: they only cover techniques to do with one area of extending your sexual performance. For example, they’ll only talk about how to train yourself to last longer by using certain techniques while masturbating. Or they’ll just talk about the psychology of suffering from premature ejaculation. To be honest, this is like wanting to learn how to play the guitar, only to be given one book that only covers how to hold the guitar, another book on how to strum it and yet another on how to tune it. As you can imagine, this isn’t a very good way to learn anything, let alone how to improve your sexual performance. That’s why Prejaculation is refreshing: it covers it all. From which sex positions to use and when, to what to eat for good sexual health, to how to tone your PC muscle, to how to adopt the right mindset, to...well, to a hundred other things I don’t have the space here to list. It’s good stuff to say the least. Highly recommended.

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Review #3: Check out this new book on building sexual stamina…it’s different

The most random thing happened the other day. I gotta share it with you. It’s well known (at least to my girlfriend) that sometimes I can’t last as long as we’d like when we have sex. I’m not embarrassed about it though, just a little frustrated. Anyway, my girlfriend comes up to me the other night and asks me to go with her to her computer. She shows me this book called Prejaculation and I, of course, am a little bit…confused. It’s a bit of an awkward situation, even though we’re both comfortable with the facts. Anyway, she bought it because she thought it sounded decent. And, seeing as we have it, we’ve been trying some of the techniques out over the last few nights. I’ve been doing the Refocus technique, the Tease and Please and…my favorite, the Brace Yourself method. It’s good stuff! I’ve lasted, on average, 20 minutes each time. Before I was lucky to last 8 minutes, to be honest. Anyway, check it out if you have a similar problem to what I had…

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Review #4: Prejaculation…the real deal for building sexual stamina

Yesterday I was talking to a buddy of mine and, admittedly, we were both a bit drunk. Anyway, we somehow got onto the subject of sex and, in particular, a very common problem for us guys: not lasting long enough in bed. I chose not to mention that fact that I had read an ebook three days previous all about how we guys can extend our sexual performances. So…he starts telling me about some techniques he’s heard about that are supposed to help you last longer, then he says how he tried this one in particular that went like this. Just when you are about to come too early, you pull out from the girl and grab your penis and squeeze it in a certain way. Then you wait until you’re ready to go again and, when you are, you carry on. Sounded simple to my friend. Anyway, he told me he tried it out the night before last with his girl and the result was, well, funny—but only from an outsider’s point of view. He pulled out, squeezed it, then came anyway and it dripped down his hand, knuckle by knuckle, down onto his bed sheet. His girlfriend said she didn’t mind but he wasn’t so sure. Anyway, throughout the whole time he was telling me this story I was thinking about the book I read, Prejaculation, and how it explains exactly which techniques work and which ones don’t when it comes to delaying when you come and carrying on having sex. And, surprise, surprise, my buddy’s squeezing technique was NOT one of the ones that work. Long story short, I told my friend where to grab a copy of the book and he says he’s doing a lot better now. And, if I’m being honest, so am I since I started using it!

Take a look and find out more now by clicking

Prejaculation Review 5: A Brand New System That Teaches Men How To Get Rid Of Premature Ejaculation Forever

First of all, we need to clarify something. What is premature ejaculation? Well, snoozing science stuff aside, all it really means is that you don’t last as long in bed as you really want to – you ejaculate too soon.

Once I’d learnt that simple fact, I knew I wanted to read about how to solve the problem. After all, what guy wouldn’t love to double, triple, or quadruple their sexual endurance?

And that’s where the Prejaculation guide comes in. This book is truly like the Holy Grail for men who want to improve their sexual endurance and performance. It covers all the angles, from what to eat to increase the volume of your loads, to how to achieve total control over your arousal levels during sex and continue making love for as long as you want!

So, how does it do it?

Well, it’s a step-by-step thing, made really simple to follow and use. No complicated theories or impractical advice, just plain easy to understand info. It contains exercises and routines to strengthen your PC muscle (the thing that controls when you cum), specific advice on which sex positions you should and shouldn’t use and in what order is best, and everything important is illustrated with photos and diagrams to make it even more straightforward to learn and use. It’s like a book you’d find in a bookstore, except only available online (which is perfect really – anonymous, instant download, guaranteed, etc.)

If you have a problem with premature ejaculation, or just want to be the very best you can be in bed, check out the eBook at – I haven’t regretted it and neither will you!

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IMPORTANT: Make sure the links in the reviews contain your Clickbank hoplink so you get credit for the sales.


  • Review text should think of potential objections to purchasing that the customer might have when they land on the sales page of our site and overcome them prior to them clicking through 
  • It should also highlight main points and unique points about the product in a conversational tone.
  • It could also contain information that is not highlighted in the sales letter or adds credibility to something stated in the sales letter.
  • Don't be too pushy, too 'salesy' or tell any lies. You're PRE-selling, leave the actual selling to us.
  • Always tell the truth in your reviews.



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