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Here's how to get your partner soaking wet... Lay the groundwork before you lay the pipe…ahem

Hey. Sorry about the wacky title, but I wanted to get your attention to tell you about this concept that can allow you to extend how long you can have sex for by 100% if you do it right. That means that if you can currently last 9 minutes in the sack, this technique could allow you to last almost 20! Here’s how it goes.

The reason you come too quickly when you suffer from premature ejaculation is because there’s too much friction on your penis. The stimulation gets too intense and your climax is triggered. So, what can you do to stop this from happening? You can increase the lubrication. One common way to do this is to use shop-bought lube, like KY jelly or something. This is okay, but it’s not great. You have to keep applying it, which is annoying for you and your partner. A much better way is to pleasure your partner so much before and during sex that she becomes and stays soaking wet herself, without the aid of artificial lube. This is a good idea for two reasons. First, it keeps things slick, so the friction is lessened and your sexual performance is extended and second, you break up sexual intercourse with other pleasurable activities which not only keep your partner wet, but also keep her turned on and enjoying the sex like crazy. Here a few ways to do this. Remember: make foreplay last at least 10 minutes and make sure your partner is very, very wet before you start penetrative sex and also, remember to use non-penetrative techniques between sex positions to give your penis the break from stimulation it needs.

Here’s how to get your partner soaking wet:

Even before starting foreplay, you need to turn your partner on. You do this by getting her in the mood. You should know how to do this already, because you know your partner better than anybody, but you can try: talking slowly and descriptively about how horny and turned on you feel and how sexy and tempting she looks. Don’t randomly start doing this in the middle of the street. Wait until the scene and mood is right. Build it slowly and make it genuine. Begin slowly touching her, but NOT on her most sexual areas, like her breasts and between her legs. Softly touch her neck and slide your fingertips up and down her bare arms. You get the idea. Be smooth and sensual. Dedicate lots of time to teasing your partner before making oral or manual contact with her vagina. You want her to be gagging for your mouth and fingers before she gets them. Start foreplay using your mouth and fingers. If you know you aren’t very good with oral, get practising! Read up on good techniques and use them on your girl. During oral or other foreplay, check how wet she is getting by inserting your fingers into her vagina. Keep pleasing her until she’s really wet and, well, almost sticky down there. When you start penetration, she will be really wet, so don’t dry her up by pumping her hard and fast straight away. Start really slow and steady. This will get her even wetter and will also allow you to keep your stimulation levels under control.

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The magical muscle that can revolutionize your sexual performance. Do you know what’s it’s called?

Today I’d like to tell you about one muscle in the male body that, unlike biceps and triceps, most guys have never heard of. And the fact that most men don’t know about it of course means they don’t know that training it can give them much more control over when they climax during sex. And, given that 75% of guys suffer from premature ejaculation, this little secret is definitely worth knowing.

When you come, a certain muscle involuntarily contracts—it does this each and every time you have an orgasm. It is the PC muscle. PC stands for Pubococcygeus, so you can see why we’ve shortened it. We won’t go into what its physiological function is or exactly where in your body it resides (except to say that if feels like it’s in your, well, ass)—because what’s the point? All you need and probably want to know is how the PC muscle can help you gain a greater degree of control over your sexual stimulation and therefore when you come during sex. Here’s how to locate it. When you take a pee, you tense your PC muscle to stop the flow. Or, when you’re absolutely busting, you tense your PC muscle to stop the flow from…flowing. If you still aren’t sure what or where it is, next time you come pay attention to which muscle down there twitches every second or so until you finish ejaculating. Okay, so you know which muscle it is. Now you need to get used to isolating it. Try tensing it right now, but don’t tense any other muscle down there. Don’t tense your legs and don’t tense your buttocks. Tense your PC muscle, hold it for 2 seconds, then relax. You’ve just performed one Kegel. A Kegel is a way of exercising your PC muscle by doing what you just did—tensing, holding and releasing. Doing Kegels regularly strengthens your PC muscle, which gives you an increased degree of control over your orgasm. You become much better at keeping your stimulation level steady during sex, instead of it going up and down as it wishes, out of your control. Here’s a good beginner’s routine which you can use three times a week to tone up your PC muscle and thereby increase your sexual stamina and control.

Start by doing 20 Kegels. Each repetition should go like this: tense as hard as you can, hold it for 2 seconds, then relax. Wait a couple of seconds, then repeat. Your PC muscle will probably feel quite tired after doing 20 reps, so give it a break for a few minutes. Then, do 5 reps that go like this: tense using a medium amount of strength, hold it for 5 seconds, then relax. After a few weeks, you’ll notice the difference in bed. Your erections will feel harder and more ‘powerful’ and your ability to control your sexual sensations will have improved. You can either continue to use the PC muscle routine above, or develop your own, more advanced routine, by adding reps and tensing for longer during each rep.

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Check out this technique for making you last longer during sex…without any annoying distraction techniques

Sex isn’t just about thrusting, pumping and pivoting. This method takes the focus off the intercourse and redirects it to other parts of the female anatomy – onto her other erogenous zones.  Which zones you’ll work on will be dictated by the sex position you’re in.

- Back of her neck. If you’re in doggy, lean over her and softly kiss the back and sides of her neck. Slow the tempo of the thrust down to one or two strokes every 5 seconds. By itself, this pace slow down wouldn’t be too great, but coupled with the redirection of pleasure to the female’s other erogenous zones, it’s a real winner.

- Her ears. There are a ton of nerve endings around her ears, making them ultra-sensitive to your touch. Once again, if you’re in Doggy or a similar position, kiss and caress her ears. Don’t tongue them, or get all sloppy. Use a light touch and be sensuous

- Her scalp. “Her scalp?!” I hear you cry. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone all dermatologist on you. Women play with their hair because it feels good, it’s not just a nervous habit. Run your fingers through it as you're kissing her, or, simply caress her scalp gently with your hand  Remember to start out slow to gauge whether she likes it. Most women do.

- The small of her back. As well as being full of nerve endings, the lower back can often be an area of the female body where stress can accumulate. Run the pad of your palm slowly and gently from between her shoulder blades to the base of her back, gradually increasing the pressure as you move down her body.

You can focus on those 4 erogenous zones to take the pressure off the thrusting for a good 30 seconds and in turn lower your need to ejaculate. Be creative and cater towards what you know she already enjoys, as well as exploring new, sensitive soft spots.

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Here are three techniques you can easily combine to instantly add ten minutes to you sexual performance

Sometimes the best way of tackling a problem is to address it from multiple angles. Never is this more true than when sorting out a problem with premature ejaculation. With something as stubborn as rapid ejaculation, sometimes using one technique alone just isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I’m going to tell you three different things you can easily combine to quickly and easily lengthen how long you can last during sex. As you’ll see, they’re so simple you’ll be able to use them the next time you have sex, even if it’s tonight.

Step one is very straightforward. You need to ejaculate 6 hours before having sex. This might sound a little odd, but try it. 6 hours is long enough before having sex to ensure you still feel really horny, but a short enough amount of time to take the edge right off your stimulation centers. In other words, you won’t come as quickly, but you’ll still easily be able to get hard, stay hard and use your penis to its full potential.

Next, you should start in the missionary position. This position gives you the most control, because you’re in charge of how fast and deep you go. Start slowly. Also, make sure your partner’s legs aren’t raised in the air—at least, not yet. When her legs are raised in this position, it will make the stimulation on your penis more intense, which could make you come too quickly.

Finally, breathe deeply. Don’t take shallow, irregular breaths and definitely do not hold your breath at any point, like so many men do. Breath from your stomach, so that your belly expands with every breath you take.

These three techniques, when combined, will give you more control over when you come than you’ve ever had before, simply because of the way they’re designed. Coming the same day takes the edge off your arousal levels, using the missionary position with your partner’s legs flat on the bed gives you the most control over the action, and breathing in the right way keeps you relaxed and anxiety-free, which allows you to concentrate on the sensations in your penis the whole time. This way, you can adjust the sex before you pass the point of no return.

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