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Example Review Text

Reviews are probably the number 1 way to pre-sell traffic and send conversions through the roof! You can make a poor converting product into a sales monster using good review text. If you can, opt for a review or pre-sales text over a banner or text link any day.

There are 2 main ways to create review text.

The first is to have 3 or more products with the top 3 having short, genuine reviews. The product you place at number 1 will be the one that sells the best for you as it has the best review and the number 1 spot.

The other way (and possibly one of the best) to create a good pre-sell is to use single site reviews like these below. Feel free to use these examples as a basis for your own reviews.

HypnoDate Review: A New Guide That Details How Any Guy Can Become a Legend With The Ladies… Hypnotically!

I’m by no means clueless when it comes to talking to and getting on with the opposite sex, but at the same I’m definitely not what I’d call “good.” My Game needs some work. I guess that explains why I was looking through so many attraction and seduction guides on the net. To be honest, most are pretty bad because they all cover the same stuff from the same angle. Smile, do this, do that. It’s not exactly the magic answer us guys are looking for. But don’t stop reading just yet, ‘cos I think I might have found one that finally hits the spot – the jackpot!

It’s called HypnoDate. This guide takes a whole new, radical approach to thinking about the pick-up game and makes it super simple for guys to learn all the new techniques they need to be successful with the opposite sex. For example, the hypnotic techniques it describes to you that tell you exactly how to be 100% confident and charismatic, even if you’re talking to a catwalk quality model. I’d never even heard of this kind of stuff, even though I’d read loads of books on psychology and social dynamics. It was like a brand new education (one I wish I’d had 5 years ago!).

The guide is able to be accessed at (accessed is an understatement…once I’d bought it I was INSTANTLY able to begin reading and learning). And because, unlike most sites, they let you download the chunky book, I was able to print it out and read it whenever and wherever I wanted.

Guys, if you’re looking for an approach to attracting and seducing women that isn’t covered in dust and totally hit-or-miss (like most of the others), do what I did and check out

Click here to find out more

IMPORTANT: Make sure the links in the reviews contain your Clickbank hoplink so you get credit for the sales.


  • Review text should think of potential objections to purchasing that the customer might have when they land on the sales page of our site and overcome them prior to them clicking through 

  • It should also highlight main points and unique points about the product in a conversational tone.

  • It could also contain information that is not highlighted in the sales letter or adds credibility to something stated in the sales letter.

  • Don't be too pushy, too 'salesy' or tell any lies. You're PRE-selling, leave the actual selling to us.

  • Always tell the truth in your reviews.

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