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Video Marketing

For many internet marketers and affiliates, the quest for free and organic traffic will lead you to video marketing. Video marketing, as the name implies, is the use of video posted in video sharing sites, primarily YouTube, to get traffic from search engines. For some keywords and some niches, videos are a great way to get traffic.

Many people think that videos are a one off thing. Post a video on YouTube, and that’s it. But actually, it can be a powerful tool to build a following, and with the right support, video marketing can be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Some niches lend itself to video marketing very easily. Niches that involve how to do certain things, such as how to fix your hair a certain way, or how to exercise, how to garden, or how to pimp your ride. In general, instructional videos are very appropriate when you are in a niche that sells a product on how to do something, which is great because most products are actually set out to help you learn how to do certain things.

If you want to get the most out of video marketing, the first thing that you need to do is to define your video channel. It all starts with good planning. Set out to create a video channel and define what your video channel is all about. If you are promoting BlackBeltSeduction, for example, your video channel can be about the many different ways that a man can improve his appearance to make him more desirable and attractive to the opposite sex. You can have grooming tips, posture, a bit of fashion advice, confidence building exercises and so on.

Part of planning your video channel is identifying what keywords you will be targeting. This is important if you want to appear on the front page of search engine organic search results. Choose your keywords and plan out what type of video you want to do. Just like when writing articles, you want the content of your video to be relevant to the keywords that you will be using.

When you have your keywords, and before you shoot your video, you need to finalize your video’s story board. Regardless of the style of your video and the budget that you have (or don’t have) for your video, having a solid storyboard before you shoot it will save you time and sanity. With a storyboard, you can prepare your lines, your props and the other things that you will need. Your shoot will go much more smoothly, with little need for retakes, when you know exactly how you want it to go.

Quality is another thing you have to determine when doing your videos. When it comes to quality, of course the better the quality, the more enjoyment people will get out of watching it. Good quality doesn’t necessarily mean deep pockets. But you do want to make sure the image quality is good - no pixelized or blurry images, no typos if you have text on your video, and good timing. While you want good quality, you don’t want very high resolutions that take forever to load. Remember, the people who want to see your video, they want to see it now. If you take too long, they might just go somewhere else for that information.

You want the sound quality to be good. If there’s a narrative, you want your speaker’s voice to be clear and crisp. Filter out any unnecessary background noise. And again, you want it good, but balance it with the time it needs for it to load.

When it comes to the length of your video, take as much time as you need to deliver your message, but keep it under 5 minutes if possible. You want the video to load quickly, and you want to be able to deliver your message early on. For additional information on the topic, you can then direct them to your site.

Optimize your video exposure. Did you know that there are many video sharing sites you can tap? That’s right, it’s not just YouTube. You can use a service like the one Tube Mogul to distribute your video to various video sharing sites and to manage them. In Tube Mogul, you get access to stats about your video, so you know which of your videos are doing well, and which video sharing sites give you the best responses.

And speaking of optimizing your video, you want to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to find you. And you know what this means - the judicious use of keywords. You want keywords in your title and in the description of your video. Make your video placements work harder by putting appropriate and tasteful links back to your site. Make use of keywords or phrases to link back (instead of just typing in the full URL), because that will help your site rank well for those keywords or phrases you link with.

And finally, you’ve put a lot of effort planning and creating your videos, so I’m sure you would like to get the most out of them. Share them on Facebook. Link to them from your site. Tweet about your videos. Share them with the people in your mailing list. Bookmark them in social bookmarking sites like technorati and del.ici.ous. All these things will make your site and your individual activities more connected, more believable, and much more effective.

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