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Social Networking

There’s a lot of buzz about using social networking sites, but do they really work? How can you make them work for you?

The key to making social networking sites is to make it relevant. If you have read other sections of this affiliate training section, no doubt you’ve heard me harp on the importance of relevance. No where is this more true than when using social networking as a marketing tool.

Why is this so? Because social network marketing is basically using your connections and leveraging on these connections in order to promote your products. In the online world, connections are built on relevance and not necessarily on personal relationships. I mean, you can only sell to your friends a few times, but after a while you’ll have to go out of your circle of friends and sell to their friends and to people out there who have a need for what you are selling.

How do you build a social network for your website? There are many platforms that you can use. And for each platform, there are specific techniques you can use to build your base. Let’s discuss 2 of the most popular social networking sites out there right now: Facebook and Twitter.


With Facebook, you want to have as many friends or fans as you possibly can. The more people you have that are connected to you, the more people your messages will reach. Feel free to get creative in getting people to connect with you. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Request to be added as a friend or invite them to become your fan. When you are starting out, you can message your friends and family to add your site as their friend. And then you can add the people in their network. Do not let a day pass without adding people. Use the suggestion tool on Facebook to find people in your network that you can add.

  2. Be active. Post status messages, upload pictures, videos. Comment on what other people are doing. Update people on what’s happening in your site, any new articles you’ve published or any new videos you’ve posted on Youtube. This is a great way to make your Facebook account more visible, and more importantly, it will let people who are interested in your product actually find you and the products you are promoting.

  3. Join groups on Facebook. Relevant groups are the best. Once you have joined a group, you can also opt to message the people in that group to add you as a friend. You can use your common interests to gain the friendship of the people in that group.

  4. Start your own group on Facebook. This is a great way to improve visibility, and to bring your message or advocacy

  5. Use you Facebook URL and invite people to click it and add you. Use this link on your site, on your articles, in your email newsletter - anywhere that you can think of. This will make it easier for people who are already interested in your product to find you.

  6. Encourage your members to refer you to their friends. You can hold a competition to see who can refer the most friends. Others put up competitions where you invite them to submit a photo, and then whichever photo gets the most “likes” or votes will get a prize. And another way is to offer a raffle to the lucky friend who adds you during the promo period. This is a great way to get your current network to work for you.

  7. Take out an ad. It might seem extreme, but it’s one method to quickly build your friends list on Facebook. The ad can be about a promotion that you are running (see number 6) or it could be about your Facebook page, what it’s about, and then inviting people to view it. Once they go to your page, you should be able to convince them to become a friend or a fan.

  8. Make your content exclusive. Another way to entice people to click is to make your content exclusive. The only way they can see your Facebook posts is to "like" you, to become a fan or to add you as a friend. This is a good tactic to use once you have quite a few members on board. The larger your membership, the more effective this method becomes.


With Twitter, you want to gain as many followers as you can. But you don’t want just any followers, you want followers who are actually interested in what you have to say. So how do you build a large following quickly? Here are some tips:

  1. Be active. Leave tweets, participate in discussions, re-tweet, engage your followers. The more active you are, the more people will be interested in following you. Make sure that when you tweet, you are posting information that’s interesting and informational.

  2. Promote your twitter ID. Put your twitter ID on your site or blog, on your articles, on Facebook, in emails and in your forum posts. Putting it out there will allow you to gain followers from people who are already interested in your articles, products or advocacies.

  3. Make your twitter page look interesting and credible. When people are deciding whether to follow you or not, they will often check out your twitter page to learn more about you. Make sure that what they find are things that will convince them to follow you. Have it designed to look more professional. Make sure you upload a photo of yourself, an icon, or your site’s logo - this helps with credibility.

  4. Help people find you with the use of keywords. When tweeting, use a hash tag to clearly state the topic of your blog. A hash tag looks like this #keyword. People who are interested in that topic will be able to find your tweet on it.

  5. Follow people. One way to get people notice your twitter account in the first place is if you follow them. Following people in the hopes of them following back is another strategy that many marketers employ.

  6. List yourself in directories. One such directory is In, you can list your twitter account inside a relevant category, which will then allow people who are interested in that category or topic to find you and follow you.

  7. Use applications that can help you increase the number of your relevant followers. There are various applications that you can use to manage and grow your twitter account. One such application can be found over at

    Buzzom allows you to find out who among the people you are following are not following you back, which makes it easier for you to flush them out of your network. Buzzom allows you to find lists of people who are interested in you or the topic you tweet about, which allows you to follow them easily, which hopefully, will get them to follow you back. Finally, it also allows you to see who you are NOT following from among the people who are following you, which makes it easier for you to choose to follow them back.

  8. Want to find out who’s following your “competitors” or other accounts that are tweeting about the topics you are tweeting? You can, with an app called Tweepi. With Tweepi, you can type in the username of the account you want to check on. Once you know who’s following them, you can then add those people up, make them recognize you, and hopefully add you, too.

With social networking sites, building a following is the first challenge. But in order to keep your following, to actually earn from them, you need to fill your account with truly useful and interesting information. And the best way to do this is not to spam or to give hourly updates on what your up to. The best way is actually to interact with the people in your network.

What does it mean to interact with people in your network? It means starting relevant and interesting discussions or participating in discussions. Leaving comments, re-tweeting, replying to messages sent to you, liking their posts - basically recognizing what other people are doing is a great way to get yourself a lot of goodwill and give your relationship a boost. When you are able to make other people feel good about themselves, it makes them more receptive and open to what you have to say. So keep this important nugget in mind.

Next thing you want to do is to get people to visit your site, your articles, you videos. You want to use your social networking tools to direct traffic to your other projects. This will make your online presence more credible, real and trustworthy.

Don’t saturate your posts with offers to sell. People can see through intentions. If your intention is only to make a sale, then your messages are likely to be ignored. But if you are genuinely interested in helping people solve their problem, your sincerity will show and it will help sell your product.

Just like with other marketing tools, use your affiliate link when linking to a product or a service you want to recommend or talk about. That way, the sale that results from it will be properly credited to you.

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