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Link Building

One of the most important things you can do as an affiliate marketer to boost your visibility, traffic, and sales is link building. Link building is basically getting links to your site from other sites. Backlinks are very important for several reasons. In the eyes of search engines, backlinks are counted as a vote of confidence for your site. It’s as if that other site is recommending the sites that it is linking to.

Generally, a site with plenty of backlinks linking back to it will have higher PR or PageRank. These sites are looked to as authority sites, get more traffic, and have more credibility. Having your links on many sites will allow more people to find it. In fact, one of the usual ways people discover new sites is by hopping from another site. That’s why it’s very valuable to have your links in places that get lots of relevant traffic.

There are many ways to get backlinks. But one thing you should not do is to pay for links. Paying for links is a big no-no for Google. If found out, your site and the site that received payment for the link will receive harsh penalties which may include being banned.

What constitutes link buying? And what about paid advertisements? Aren’t they essentially bought links? Ads are bought links, and this is allowed under the condition that a “no follow” tag is attached to the link in an ad. With a “no follow” tag on the link, page rank or influence is not transferred from one site to the advertised site. It allows search engines to distinguish between links that are there because they are ads, and links that are there because the site recommends them.

Remember how search engines like Google see links as votes for a site’s credibility? To discount the effect of paid links, these links need to have a “no follow” tag, which keeps the search engines from counting these links towards a site’s level of influence or page rank.

So if you shouldn’t buy links, how should you go about acquiring them? Ideally, other webmasters will link to you spontaneously. But in many cases, you will need to help yourself along to get the word out about your site. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Submit articles to article directories. Choose article directories with a high PageRank of 3s and 4s and up. Submit articles and make sure to put a link back to your site from those articles. If links are not allowed within the body of the article, then you can put them in the resource box or about the author section. When linking back, choose to use keywords because that will help search engines understand what your site is all about and it will help you rank well for those keywords.

  2. Submit PR articles to PR directories. Just like with regular articles, choose PR sites that have high PageRank. Submit PR articles regularly and put a link, using a keyword whenever possible, to link back to your site.

  3. Submit reports and documents to ebook directories. This can get you links and relevant traffic from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

  4. Upload videos to video sharing sites. YouTube is a high PageRank site where you can post your videos. Put a link back to your site in the description of your video, and when creating your user profile.

  5. Participate in forums. Join forums on topics that are related to yours. But don’t just spam these forums with your link because they will get removed! The better approach is to be genuinely helpful and to only post the link if it is truly relevant. What many do is to put the link in their signature.

  6. Use social bookmarking and create links from these sites to the pages of your website. You can also bookmark articles or videos that link to your site and which you have posted in other sites. Bookmarking your submissions can only help to raise the number of links that go back to your main site. Another advantage - it makes the growth of links more organic, in that it’s not just one site, or one type of site that carries links back to you. You have different types of sites linking back, which is actually a more natural way for sites to grow.

  7. Get listed in web directories. You can submit your site to various web directories. This is one way to get backlinks to your site. But beware that free listings take months to be approved. If you want to see your link appear faster, you have to pay a fee to expedite your submissions’ editorial review.

  8. Blog commenting. There are some blogs that do not have a “no follow” tag on the links posted in the comments section. This is a great way to get good links back to your site - and these are links that count for something. Make sure though that the comment you leave is relevant, otherwise it risks getting removed by the webmaster. Admittedly, many webmasters do not like it when people put links in the comments, so what many are doing is to put links in the name field. This is great because you can actually use a keyword as your name or ID, and the link is then paired with a keyword!

  9. Sign up and join social networking sites, build up your presence, and reap the rewards of backlinking from these sites to yours. Not only do you get points from the backlinks, but with a good and vibrant social network, you can get a lot of traffic - relevant traffic - from them as well.

Using Anchor Text, Keywords and Link Texts to increase Click Through Rate (CTR):

When creating links back to our sites, you can choose to put the URL straight away, or you can disguise it behind an anchor text or phrase. Cloaking your URL is easily done with a simple html command. If you’re not familiar with what to use, here’s the format:

<a href=””>you anchor text here</a>

Using an anchor text presents plenty of benefits. We have to admit that it’s neater to see just a few real words in blue instead of a string of letters, symbols and numbers on our screen. It’s also more intuitive for users to click on text if they’re interested in learning more about it. It can be a tool to increase the click through rate to our site. On the technical side of things, using anchor texts helps search engines understand what our site is all about and what keywords our site should be ranking for.

Because of its importance in the way search engines learn about our sites, it has become something that internet marketers need to pay attention to. Managing what keywords to use as your anchor text can help you make your site more visible for the keywords you want to rank for. Keeping it consistent can be key to ranking well in organic search results.

Aside from ranking well in organic search results, the use of appropriate anchor text can also increase your click through rate for those links. If you check out our affiliate tools for the various sites, we have a tool called Text Links, which is basically anchor text that you can use to link with your hoplink. For example, if you are promoting, an appropriate text link could be something like:

  • best ways to last longer in bed

  • my secret to longer lasting sex

  • make premature ejaculation a thing of the past

  • a scientific method of getting rid of premature ejaculation

  • where to get the Prejaculation Manual

Any of these can be incorporated into your article, and they can carry your hoplink back to our sales site. They are enticing and entirely relevant to the page you will be sending them to. As much as possible, use text links because they can really help your stats. It can encourage more clicks from people who you know are interested in and predisposed to the product we are offering.

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