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Email Marketing and
List Building

What if I tell you that there’s a way for you to communicate and sell to people who we already know are interested in the product that you are promoting? How do you think that will affect your ROI and your response rate if you are marketing to this group of people?

This is exactly what we are trying to achieve when we build lists and create autoresponders. It’s a way to gain an audience with people who have visited your website - people you know are interested in the product you are promoting.

There are many ways to build your own list. The most common one is to offer relevant information and let them sign up to receive it. The information can be a free report, a newsletter, or a mini course. It could be exclusive access to certain content, a game, or a trivia. You can make it fun or serious. The most important consideration is to offer something that you know your visitors want.

When building your own list, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Place the opt-in form strategically. You want to make sure you capture the names and email addresses of your site’s visitors. Where and how your site visitors encounter the opt-in form will make a big difference in your opt-in rates. If you notice, many sites will have the opt in form on the upper right hand portion of their site, in all the site’s pages. This location is one of the best places to put the opt in form because it’s one place your visitors will not miss. Another technique that some marketers use is an opt in form that pops out of the screen as soon as the visitor lands on the site. This type of opt-in is sure to be noticed. But beware. Some people dislike pop ups, and other browsers actually block them.

  2. Always ask for permission before adding people to your mailing list. Remember, no one likes SPAM. If your emails just end up in the spam folder, then they’re of no use to anybody.

  3. Make the benefit obvious. When writing your opt in form copy, make your offer clear and state the benefits. This will help convince your site visitors to sign up. In fact, when thinking about what offer to write, it’s important to choose an offer that you are 100% sure your readers will want. This will give you maximum opt in rates.

  4. Fulfill your promise. When you promise to send them certain information, make sure you follow through. If you can send it immediately, upon their confirmation, then you should do so. Remember, when people are looking for information online, it’s information they need right away. If they are looking to buy, there’s no better time to give them assistance than at that point.

  5. Give them truly useful information. People can sense it if you are only after a sale. But they won’t mind it as much if you have given them really useful information. You want to gain their trust and you want them to recognize your expertise on the subject matter. The information you send them, be it a report, a newsletter or a mini course will further these goals.

  6. Communicate with your list on a regular basis. Now that you have an audience, it is important to engage them regularly. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to frequency, but it is important to match it to what your list deems acceptable. You don’t want to email them so often that they get sick of it and think of what you’re sending them as spam or garbage. You don’t want to email so infrequently that they actually forget who you are. For many, an email one every 1 to 2 weeks is a good frequency.

  7. Take advantage of the various affiliate and marketing tools that affiliate programs provide. The thing about marketing to a list is that the information you send them is private. So it doesn’t matter if you send them an article, a blog post, a mini course or a report exactly as they appear on the affiliate tools’ pages because content uniqueness is not much of an issue. The most important thing when it comes to marketing to a list is respect for privacy and relevance of the information provided.

  8. Use an autoresponder to help you manage your list. There are several online autoresponders that you can use that handle data collection, storage, and mailings. One site that I use in all my campaigns is Aweber. They’re reliable and the interface of the site is intuitive and easy to use. They are also equipped to handle several autoresponders within just one account, which is really useful if you have several sites. With Aweber, you will also have the ability to run tests and figure out the best way to gather opt ins in your various sites.

  9. Turn viral. Viral marketing is any marketing program that counts on the people in your original mailing list or membership to send information to their friends and contacts. If you can manage it, it’s a great way to reach even more people, and widen your customer base. You can certainly make a provision for this by adding a line in your newsletter or autoresponder that points to your website or where people can sign up to get the information that a friend has forwarded them. It could be something like:

    This email/newsletter/mini course is brought to you by If you have received this email from a friend, and would like to sign up for this mailing list, please visit our site to sign up. Here is the url again:

Striking a Good Balance

When it comes to communicating with your list, it's important to strike a balance. You want to sell, but you don't want to write them just to sell to them because if you do, the people in your list will not want to read your email. So how often should you sell?

Actually, you can sell in all of your emails. Each time you communicate with the people in your list is an opportunity to sell. It's all about being creative. A blatant sales pitch will put people off if you use it all the time. But you can put periods of preselling in between the times when you directly push the sales of certain products.

What does this mean in terms of execution? It means most or majority of your email will deal with subjects that your list are interested in. These topics are, of course, related to the product you are selling. For example, if your product is BlackBeltSeduction, then your regular emails can be tips on how to approach women, build self confidence, engaging women and so on. These emails are important also because they help establish your expertise on the subject matter, making your list more inclined to follow your recommendations.

In between these mailings of informational material, you can send emails that talk about the product, without necessarily pushing them to buy it. You can use reviews, talk about your experience about a product, any events around the product such as sales or bonuses paired with a product - all of these can be information in your emails that your readers could be interested in. You can still include a link there if they want to learn more or if they want to buy the product. So this is a great way to sell without being pushy.

And then once in a while, you can send them an email that directly asks for a sale. These emails can be structured in many different ways. For example, you can forward "sale" alerts or bonus product alerts to drive traffic and purchases for our product.

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