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PR Articles

Using PR articles is one way you can get free traffic. Compared to regular article marketing, PR articles are less competitive. This means it is easier for you to appear at the top of the organic search results.

There are many types of PR articles that you can write. It's all about finding a newsworthy angle to write about. PR articles can be about:

  • An event that just happened or will happen

  • A feature article on something interesting

  • A personal advice or expert opinion

  • A personality, a brand or a product

  • Trends

  • An interview

Just like with articles, there are several directories where you can publish your PR articles for free. Some of these sites are:

You can find more by doing a search on Google for free press release distribution sites.

Here are some tips to guide you along when writing your PR articles:

  1. PR articles follow a certain formatting. You can check out our sample PR articles to find out what format a press release article should take.

  2. Find a newsworthy angle with which to write your press release. Product name may be mentioned, but should not be pushed to the reader. Remember, PR articles are not ads. They are not meant to sell a product.

  3. Can't think of anything current you care to talk about? That's okay. Some of your articles can actually be re-written to become interesting and relevant feature articles. Feature articles can be how-to articles, review articles, interviews, or opinion based articles.

  4. The best thing to do is to like the PR article to a review site or your review page which talks more about the product being mentioned. PR articles will allow you to put a link back to the publisher of the article.

  5. Taget long tail keywords. This is the easiest way to gain search engine rankings and traffic.

  6. Be truthful. Never make things up in your press release.

Here are some sample press releases that you can use to model your own press releases after. You can use these, but you may want to tweak them a bit - change the title and rewrite the content, before publishing them. When linking directly to our sales page, always use your hoplink for tracking.

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Safe, Effective and Natural Premature Ejaculation Cure - Does It Really Exist?

There are many products that are touted to cure premature ejaculation, or a man’s inability to last in bed. But are any of these truly safe, effective and natural?

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom - 30% to 70% of men in the US suffer from some form of premature ejaculation, which is defined as the inability to consistently last as long as necessary for both partners to reach sexual satisfaction. No man is safe from this condition, which can affect you, whether you’re a young adult or old, regardless of sexual experience or race and ethnicity.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects both persons in a sexual relationship. For a man, the inability to hold out for as long as he wants raises doubts on his sexual expertise, self control and maturity. Many people wrongfully associate premature ejaculation with sexual inexperience and this can lead to embarrassment and lack of sexual confidence.

For women, premature ejaculation is one reason for sexual dissatisfaction in a relationship. Their man’s inability to last long enough can lead to frustration in the bedroom which can spillover to other areas in the relationship. One survey conducted by claims that 89% of women who have been unfaithful to their partner admitted to straying because of their man’s inability to satisfy their sexual needs.

Clearly, premature ejaculation is a problem which needs serious attention. Many marketers are ready to take on the challenge of helping men in this area. Products like rubs or ointments and pills are peddled on the internet as self-proclaimed cures for PE. However, many men are wary of these products as they are usually not FDA approved and claims are not backed by any major Scientific research.

And then there’s the classic advice of diverting one’s attention to distasteful and unpalatable thoughts while doing the deed. This has been the way for many men seeking to lower his arousal levels and prevent from coming immediately. A harmless and natural cure for premature ejaculation? Absolutely! But frankly, who wants to think of dead animals during sex?

Fortunately, there is a nice middle ground between these 2 solutions, and that is to learn exercises and techniques that enhance one’s control of his sexual faculties while staying completely in the moment. This is a far safer way of extending a man’s ability to perform in bed. 

One such product that has seen a lot of positive reviews and customer feedback is the Prejaculation Manual ( It is an eBook written to teach men about natural and non-invasive ways of training one’s mind and body to be able to last as long as they want in bed. It contains instructions on the use of correct sexual positions and techniques, on how to work the muscles down there to enhance sexual control, and how to train your mind to recognize your personal arousal levels so that you can manage it and allow yourself to go for as long as you want to.

One review from (affiliate review site) has this to day about the Prejaculation Manual:

“...Comprehensive, Scientific and natural. The solutions offered in the Prejaculation Manual are easy to understand, easy to implement and best of all, they work. I was surprised to find immediate improvement on my first day of using the techniques described here. And with a 60-day money-back guarantee, there is just no reason why any man should pass this up.”

For most couples, manuals like this represent a great way to move forward on the problem of premature ejaculation. And not only that, it’s also a way to enhance a man’s overall sexual sophistication, by adding new moves and techniques to his repertoire that will undoubtedly make him a better lover.

About (

Learn more about the Prejaculation Manual and how it can help overcome premature ejaculation.
Email: <your email address>


<your name>, director of PR
<your email>

For more information, contact: <email>

Sex Positions to Delay Ejaculation - Do They Really Make A Difference?

If you are a man and you want to improve your staying power during sex, then knowing the best sex positions to delay ejaculation could be crucial to your sexual performance.

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom ( - Surveys reveal that 8 out of 10 men don’t last more than 2 minutes. That means that most men do not last long enough to explore a second or a third sex position before coming. If you are not using a variety of positions during sex, that in itself could be one reason why you come prematurely.

What is it with different sex positions that can help men last longer? It’s all about stimulation and control. In order to prevent premature ejaculation or coming earlier than you want, you need to manage your stimulation levels so you lower it before it reaches the “point of no return”.

In theory, it sounds simple enough. Before you get to the peak, bring it down a level, and then bring it back up again. Doing this several times increases pleasure and also significantly increases the amount of time that you have before you come.

In practice, however, it can be very hard. This is because during sex, we are often too caught up that by the time we realize we are about to come, there is practically nothing we can do to stop it. And so, in order for sex positions to work for you, you need to first learn how to keep your arousal levels in check.

According to Edward White, author of the Prejaculation Manual, a stimulation awareness scale can be used by men during sex. This scale runs from 1 to 10, with one being least stimulated and 10 is when you ejaculate. Throughout sex, keep tabs of your stimulation levels every few seconds.

In order to last long in bed you need to learn to bring your arousal levels down while you still can. This means, when you reach a 7, slow down what you are doing and use this opportunity to focus on your partner to reduce stimulation to yourself, and the switch to another position when you are ready to build it up again.

Using this scale, you can also rate various sexual positions to determine which positions raise your stimulation levels quickly and which ones do so moderately. This information about various sexual positions will prove helpful in delaying ejaculation, and in making sure both you and your partner have a lot of fun.

Now, the stimulation you get out of each sexual position is different for each man. For best results, you have to try various sex positions and rate each one in terms of how quickly you are aroused by it, and how easy it is for you to stop or slow down in those positions. But in general, positions where you do not have full control of your body or you are balancing yourself with your strength are going to be more difficult to pull back from. For example, a missionary position requires you to balance on your arms and thighs, which makes it more stressful on your muscles. Compare this to a spoons position where you are on your side. Your weight is more evenly distributed, making it less tiring and less stressful for you.

About (

Learn more about the Prejaculation Manual and how it can help overcome premature ejaculation.
Email: <your email address>


<your name>, director of PR
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For more information, contact: <email>

Addressing the Root Cause of Premature Ejaculation

There is no better way to cure premature ejaculation that to address its root cause. Now, if we can only identify what that root cause is.

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom - Everyone agrees that the best way to solve any problem is to address its root cause. But when it comes to premature ejaculation, or the inability of a man to consistently last as long as he desires during sex, it gets tricky because experts cannot pinpoint a single organic or physical cause of premature ejaculation.

But just because it has no physical cause doesn’t mean it has no real cause to speak of. Many experts agree that premature ejaculation is a result of a complex set of chain reaction that starts psychologically or in the mind when a man is sexually stimulated. It then gets physical cues from the nerve endings that are stimulated during sex. Due to the complexity of the cause of premature ejaculation, a comprehensive and real solution should also seek to address the many different points that contribute to it.

Several manuals that offer to train men on how to last longer during sex address the problem both psychologically and physically. Part of the psychological solution is dispelling myths that surround premature ejaculation, especially its association with the lack of sexual expertise. It also deals with reducing performance anxiety which can result in self fulfilling premature ejaculation.

One such manual, called the Prejaculation Manual, takes one step further and teaches men how to channel this anxiety or mental energy to something more productive, pleasurable and effective. Instead of worrying about coming too early, men are taught how to keep tabs on their arousal levels so they can identify their personal “Point of No Return”.

This scale, called the Stimulation Awareness Scale, is important in identifying and addressing premature ejaculation, insists Edward White, the man behind the Prejaculation Manual. The scale is central to learning the techniques that show men how to use sexual positions and exercises to extend their sexual stamina. This is because it teaches them to become aware of their own limits and how to work within these limits while working their way to building higher tolerance for pleasure.

Aside from psychological solutions, physical steps are also taken to help men last longer in bed. Techniques such as how to breathe properly, how to use sex positions to your advantage, how to get your partner to help out knowingly or unknowingly, how to practice solo and improve sexual stamina and so on.

Premature ejaculation manuals work for men and for couples. Aside from addressing the issue of premature ejaculation, these manuals also teach men how to become better lovers overall. And that is probably why they are the most popular solutions for premature ejaculation.

About (

Learn more about the Prejaculation Manual and how it can help overcome premature ejaculation.
Email: <your email address>


<your name>, director of PR
<your email>


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