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Advise Article #1

“I ejaculate too soon. What’s the best way to control ejaculation?”

Premature ejaculation, or the inability to last as long in bed as we want to, is a problem that majority of men face. Statistics shows us that 8 out of 10 men can only last for 2 minutes or less. To understand why this happens, let’s look at how sex happens for millions of men.

For most men, sex starts off in a carefree way. The progression from foreplay to penetration happens very quickly. And after just a few minutes, pleasurable sensations build up rapidly. Before long, a man reaches the point of no return and realizes that he’s going to explode. By the time they reach the point of no return, the sensations are so overwhelming that it’s no longer possible to stop.

One of first thing I always teach men when it comes to controlling premature ejaculation is the Stimulation Awareness Scale. This is a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not stimulated at all, and 10 which is the climax. On this scale, the point of no return would be an 8. Once a man reaches this level on the scale, it’s near impossible to reverse it.

How should men use this scale? Well, from the time sex is initiated, a man should keep tabs on his stimulation level, and think about where he is on this scale. If he is keeping tabs, then he can take evasive action when he is at a 6 or a 7 to delay ejaculation and bring stimulation levels down to a 3 or a 4.

Prolonged sex happens when you are able to go from 1 to a 7, then back down to a 3 or 4, up again, then back down on the stimulation. Keep on doing this until both you and your partner are ready for you to come.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #2

"How Do I Help My Guy Last Longer in Bed? Is There Something I Can Do?”

An understanding and supportive partner is a plus when it comes to helping a man last longer in bed. Of course, you need to adjust how you show your concern. You know your partner best. If he’s open enough to bring it up with you, then you know you can talk about it openly with him. But if he’s never brought it up, it’s possible that he’s just not ready to own up to it.

In my experience, being constructive or offering concrete solutions is an approach that many men welcome. Instead of presenting solutions to premature ejaculation, you can entice your man with new sexual activities that you can do together.
One such activity that you can introduce your man to is “live action edging”.

Edging is the method a man can use to stop from climaxing when he’s really turned on, reign himself in, and go for longer. It is used in conjunction with the Stimulation Awareness Scale, a scale of 1 to 10, where one is not stimulated at all, and 10 is the climax.

Before you do this, it is important to introduce your man to the idea, and brief him that you will be going from one position to another.

Here’s how it goes. When you start having sex, your man should take tabs of his stimulation level. Don’t worry, it sounds like it takes the fun out of sex, but really, it heightens sex because your partner will be made aware of how turned on he is at every moment. Encourage him to talk about how stimulated he is so you can help him keep tab on how near he is to climaxing.

Start in one position. It doesn’t really matter which position it is, but for beginners, I recommend the missionary position because it allows the man better control of how deeply and how fast he penetrates his partner. When your man has reached a 6 or a 7, bring activity down a notch, and prepare to switch to a new position. This should bring stimulation levels down to a 3 or 4. Now, you are free to work your way up to a 6 or 7. After which you can repeat the process until you are both ready for him to come.

Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. With this technique, the more you practice, the longer your partner will be able to go before needing to come.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #3

“What Ejaculation Control Exercises Can I Do So I Can Last Longer In Bed?”

This is a question I get asked frequently. Many men are open to doing exercises if these can help build their sexual stamina. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to build your ability to control the timing of your orgasm. Here are 2 exercises that you can try:

1. The Blast Technique

The blast technique aims to improve your ability to stop coming just as when your really, really aroused. In a scale of 1 to 10, this would be stopping when you reach an 8 or a 9.

When performing this technique, you need to be undisturbed for a few minutes. Some men choose to do it while taking a shower, which is great because this allows you to do this exercise regularly, which increases its efficacy.

Here’s what you do. Use whatever method you want to get yourself aroused very quickly. Put some lube in your hand and just jerk your penis fast and hard. Keep going at it so you rapidly come close to coming. Just as you feel yourself approaching the point of no return, stop jerking it and try to step back.

2. The Edging Technique

The edging technique is an exercise that trains your mind and your body to recognize when you should reduce stimulation and then build it up again. This kind of exercise will train you to extend your ability to have sex longer by controlling the level of stimulation that you expose yourself to.

All throughout this exercise, I want you to be mindful of the amount of stimulation that you feel. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself every few seconds.

Here’s what you do. Use your preferred method to get yourself stimulated. When you feel that you have reached a 6 or a 7, stop and bring yourself back to a 3 or 4. Next, build your way up again on the stimulation scale, to a 7 or an 8, before stopping and bringing yourself back down.

When both of these exercises are done regularly, they can help you build your sexual stamina and ejaculation control.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees immediate and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #4

“I sometimes find myself cumming too quickly. Is the problem all in my head?”

The mind is a powerful thing. It influences many of our actions and our thoughts consciously and subconsciously. That the mind also has to do with the problem of cumming too quickly is no surprise.

But is the problem all in your head? Not entirely. Majority of men simply don’t know any better. They don’t know what techniques to use in order to delay ejaculation. it’s not their fault. This stuff isn’t taught in school, after all.

Now, for all men, the problem starts in the head. If you know you have a problem with cumming too quickly, the tendency is to worry about it each time you initiate sex with your partner. I’m sure you can appreciate why this can make premature ejaculation worse. The more we worry about something happening, the more we help that undesirable outcome from coming true. The more often it happens, the more we think it’s inevitable.

Fortunately, compared to life’s other problems, premature ejaculation is fairly easy to get rid of. You just need to have the right mindset and the right skills and you can say good bye to it permanently. No need for any pills, creams or surgery.

When I talk about having the right mindset, I mean having an optimistic attitude when it comes to your sexual performance. Believing that you can last longer than your current performance is important. Thinking that your are experiencing a temporary set back instead of a permanent state will give you the proper encouragement to practice the techniques and see massive improvement in your sexual stamina.

One method I teach that channels the mind’s energy into something more productive than worrying about a negative outcome is the Stimulation Awareness Scale. This is a scale of 1 to 10 that a man uses from the time he initiates sex until the end of the sexual encounter. It is designed to help him gauge the level of arousal he is experiencing. 1 is not stimulated at all, and 10 is climaxing.

An awareness of his stimulation level will help him understand how quickly certain positions or certain maneuvers can affect him. It will also help him identify how far he is from ejaculating, and to be able to do something to bring down his arousal level before he reaches the point of no return. It is specially helpful when learning techniques designed to improve sexual stamina.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #5

“Is it true that premature ejaculation is caused by sexual inexperience?”

Sexual inexperience causes anxiety which contributes to premature ejaculation or the inability to last as long as you want in bed. Sexual inexperience by itself cannot cause premature ejaculation. There are plenty of men who have been having sex for years and still have ejaculation problems.

Anxiety can be caused by a lot of factors aside from sexual inexperience. Thinking about past experiences where you’ve come earlier than you or your partner wanted can cause anxiety. Worrying about not being able to satisfy your partner in bed can cause anxiety. Fear of embarrassment can also lead to performance anxiety. Problems not related to sex, such as financial worries, conflict at work or in personal relationships can also cause anxiety.

Identifying the root case of anxiety is important when controlling premature ejaculation. If you determine that your performance anxiety is caused by sexual inexperience, then the solution involves learning more advanced sexual skills that will allow you to become a better lover. If the root cause is past failure to last long enough in bed, then it’s important to dispel these negative thoughts and build sexual control or stamina to improve your sexual performance.

When dealing with anxiety induced premature ejaculation, one thing that many men find helpful is being in action. This means actively doing something - anything - to improve the situation. Men are natural problem solvers. If something is wrong, they want to be doing something to fix it. This reduces worry and creates a more positive mindset, which is important when dealing with premature ejaculation.

I’d like to add though that some advice out there that are meant to help with premature ejaculation don’t help at all. Things like counting backwards or reciting the pledge of allegiance or thinking of unpleasant thoughts just as you are about to climax are not effective. They only serve to ruin the pleasurable experience that sex is supposed to be. If this is what you’ve tried and it hasn’t worked for you, well it’s really no surprise.

So, for a man who is faced with premature ejaculation, what are the things that he can do to improve his sexual performance? A lot! There are exercises, sexual positions and even food that can help increase a man’s sexual stamina. There are things that he can do solo to build sexual control, and techniques that he can apply in live action.

One tip that I can share with your quickly right now is the importance of proper breathing during sex. For many men, the reflex is to hold our breath thinking this will delay ejaculation. But actually, holding our breath or breathing irregularly just makes it that much quicker. So next time you’re in the sack, be conscious about being relaxed and breathing evenly. It’s a simple solution that works wonders.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #6

“What Foods Can Help Me Last Longer During Intercourse?”

Our diet affects our health and our sexual performance. Apart from giving us energy, some foods contain special properties that can help men last longer in bed.

Of course, diet alone will not magically turn men into super sexual beings. But with the right diet combined with the right exercises and techniques, men will be able to overcome staying power problems much quicker.

Here are 5 foods for sexual stamina that you should incorporate into your diet:

  1. Mucuna pruriens or cowhage - This herb is known for improving premature ejaculation. Aside from this, it is also a known aphrodisiac that increases a man’s sex drive, improves semen quality and volume.

  2. Blueberry - This sexual super food is often called “nature’s viagra” because it naturally helps the body achieve what the little blue pill can do. Blueberries are packed with minerals and compounds that improve circulation and helps the blood vessels to relax, which are both important to sustain firmer and longer lasting erections.

  3. Almonds - A popular and delicious nut is known to improve sexual energy and vigor.

  4. Asparagus - This spear shaped vegetable is considered an aphrodisiac because of its ability to enhance a person’s sexual energy. Many believe it is due to the high iodine and vitamin E content of asparagus which enhances the production of sex hormones.

  5. Winter cherry - Another herb that is used to treat premature ejaculation, the winter cherry is also called the Indian Ginseng. It helps improve blood circulation and relaxes the blood vessels in the body.

Remember, these foods together with exercise, a healthy lifestyle, stress management and the right sexual techniques will be able to help you last longer during intercourse. As with all things natural, persistence and practice is needed in order to see permanent results.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #7

“I’m currently doing exercises to help with premature ejaculation. However, there are times when I still come too quickly. How should I deal with premature ejaculation to avoid embarrassment when I’m with my partner?”

First of all, I want to commend you for doing something to overcome premature ejaculation. Exercises will help improve sexual stamina, but just like what you are experiencing, your ability for control going to be more consistent the longer you keep at it. Initially, experiencing a lapse every now and then is normal and should be expected.

So, as for your question, what is the best way to approach this topic with your partner in a way that will not leave you embarrassed. There is no single approach to broaching this topic, and a lot of it has to do with the state of your relationship with your partner.

If you and your partners are in a long term and supportive relationship, being open is the best approach to avoid embarrassment. Remember that you are doing this not just for yourself, but also for her sexual fulfillment and gratification. Involving her and getting her support helps you and your relationship. In fact, there are many exercises that involve a cooperative partner, so actually having her in on it will be a weight off of your chest.

If you are not quite ready to be so open, then you can still avoid embarrassment by being careful about what you say in times when you do come early. Think about it because your words will shape how she views it.

Here are two ways of telling her, and you can see from these examples how your words can shape her attitude towards the situation. Imagine you’re having sex with your partner and you realize you’re about to come sooner than expected. Do you tell your partner:

“I’m sorry, honey...”

Or do you tell her:

“You’re so hot. Damn, I don’t think I want to hold it in much longer.”

In the first example, embarrassment is inevitable. You just admitted to an inability to hold on for as long as you need to. Clearly, this approach should not be used.

In the second example, you made it appear like you are in control and that you want to come. You also complemented your partner for being very sexy, which I’m sure will ruffle any feelings of disappointment she may have had.

So, the important thing is you keep at it. The more you practice those techniques, the more consistent you will be in maintaining control over your sexual performance.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #8

“What are the best sex positions to delay ejaculation?”

Before I talk about the best sex positions to delay ejaculation, let me talk briefly about the principle behind how sex positions can help you control and prevent premature ejaculation.

You see, for each sex position, we experience varying degrees of control and stimulation. Some sex positions, like the missionary position and the spoons position, lets you control how deep you penetrate and how fast you thrust. Some positions like the missionary position again, but this time with the woman’s legs raised up, can be very stimulating because the vagina is narrowed and tightened. It’s more stimulating compared to the regular missionary position.

Now, control is very important when we want to last longer in bed. Being in control when it comes to how fast and how deep you penetrate will allow you to slow it down a bit when you need to cool down. Knowing which positions bring the least stimulation will allow you to vary your maneuvers so you can treat yourself and your partner to a number of moves. What’s great about this is that you get to use the best sex positions to delay ejaculation while at the same time you get to be a more sophisticated lover.

How much control and how stimulating each sex position is varies from person to person, and even couple to couple. After all, it’s not only you who is making the moves. How your partner performs in bed also affects how much control and how much stimulation you receive from each position. 

The best way to determine which position works for you and your partner is for you to actually go ahead and do it. While you are in different positions, make a mental note of how stimulated you are in each position, and how quickly you can shift to another position from where you are at that point.

Once you have your list, you are now ready to create your sexual repertoire. You can initiate sex with positions that offer the least stimulation first and the most stimulation last or you can alternate them. What I want you to understand is there is no need to be stuck in a single routine that works for you, because there are many routines that can work for you. And that’s how you can determine and use the best sex positions to delay ejaculation.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #9

“What is the PC muscle and how can it help prevent premature ejaculation?”

PC muscle is short for pubococcygeus muscle. It plays an important role in getting and maintaining a firm erection. It is also important in maintaining control over our ejaculation. After all, it’s the muscle that controls the flow of semen and urine and the shooting power of your ejaculate.

Many agree that exercising the PC muscle can help prevent the occurrence of premature ejaculation, and can help improve a man’s overall sexual performance. But before you can exercise the PC muscle, it is important for you to be able to identify where it is.

The best way to pinpoint or to feel where your PC muscles are is to try and stop your urine mid-flow. The muscle that you tense to stop the flow of urine is your PC muscles. Your PC muscles is also the one that you feel twitching every second when you are ejaculating.

An exercise for the PC muscles is called the Kegel exercise. The exercise itself is not difficult. What’s difficult is making sure that you are tensing the right muscles. It can be easy to think you are tensing the PC muscle when you are actually tensing your abdomen or your buttocks. So, however you decide to do it, it’s important that you know exactly where your PC muscles are to begin with.

When exercising your PC muscles, your goal is to eventually increase frequency and duration. Here’s a sample routine that you can try:

Week 1

Kegel exercise 1:
Tense and release your PC muscles. Make about 5 repetitions in 10 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 more times.

Kegel exercise 2:
Tense and hold your PC muscles for 5 seconds. Rest for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 more times.

You want to do the Kegel exercises at least once daily. After about a week, you should be able to increase the repetitions and the duration of your Kegel exercises. Here’s a sample workout:

Week 2

Kegel exercise 1:
Tense and release your PC muscles. Make about 10 repetitions in 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 more times.

Kegel exercise 2:
Tense and hold your PC muscles for 20 seconds. Rest for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 more times.

On your second week, you want to be able to do more short bursts, and you want to be able to hold it longer. Just like any exercise, you want to start slow and then work your way until you can do more repetitions on the first exercise, and carry on for a longer duration on the second Kegel exercise.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Advise Article #10

“I’m aware that premature ejaculation takes time to be fully under control. But are there some things I can do now that can help delay ejaculation immediately?”

It is important for men to recognize that building sexual control and sexual stamina takes time to perfect. The earlier you get started, and the more persistent you are with the things you need to do, the faster you will see consistent results.

There is another advantage to getting started early. And it is that there are some techniques with which you will be able to see almost immediate results. These techniques are usually easy and simple to implement, and can be very encouraging.

Let me share with you a couple of techniques that can help delay ejaculation. These are simple techniques that can give you immediate results:

Technique #1:
Make sure your partner is well lubricated before you enter her. The key point to remember here is that friction increases stimulation because it increases the sensation on our penis. But if your partner is very, very wet when you enter her, it’s going to lessen the friction and prolong your ability to hold it in. Plus the fact that when you do get her this stimulated, she’ll be closer to climaxing herself.

Technique #2:
Another technique that a lot of men don’t know about involves even and relaxed breathing. What usually happens is when it hits us that we are about to come, we panic. So we stop what we’re doing and we hold our breath, hoping against hope that this will quickly and immediate delay ejaculation.

This is disastrous on so many levels. First of all, panic increases stress in the body. Secondly, it conditions the mind to expect failure. And finally, our reaction to stress, which is to tense our muscle and hold our breath, only make coming that much more inevitable.

This is why even and relaxed breathing during sex is what we should be doing. Even and relaxed breathing allows us to think clearly, to keep better tabs on our stimulation levels, so we can take preventive action when we are near the point of no return.
These 2 techniques combined with exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle will allow you to enjoy short term results and long term gains in terms of sexual control and stamina.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:

Article #1

Why Can’t You Last Long Enough In Bed?

If you can’t last as long during sex as you’d like, then you aren’t alone. As much as 75% of the male population has trouble with premature ejaculation—so it’s by no means rare. What is rare, however, is seeing a guy solve his problem with rapid ejaculation using the right techniques and tactics. Perhaps this is because most men don’t know exactly what it takes to reverse their run of bad bedroom luck and turn their sex life around by increasing their sexual stamina.

The best place to start when solving your own case of ‘coming too quickly’ is identifying the real reasons you struggle to last long enough during sex. Read the following options.

1. You have a hard time controlling when you climax when you’re masturbating and when you have sex with your partner.

2. You only struggle to control when you ejaculate when you have sex. You have no problem doing it when you masturbate. When you have sex, you can’t last more than about 2 minutes before coming.

3. You have no problem with premature ejaculation when you masturbate, only when you have sex. When you have sex, you can usually last longer than 2 minutes, but less than 8 minutes.

If option one sounds the closest to your situation, then your premature ejaculation is probably being caused by an underlying case of hypersensitivity and sensational unawareness. This means that your penis is extremely prone to become over-stimulated as soon as sex begins and that you have a hard time really noticing when you’re close to and about to pass the ‘point of no return’, which—once passed—means that you’re going to climax no matter what you do.

If you chose option two, then you probably have less hypersensitivity and more sensation unawareness. This means that your penis does become very stimulated when you have sex—which can make it hard to refrain from coming early—but that your main problem is that you aren’t fully aware of the different stages of arousal you go through before you come. This means you need to train your body and your mind to recognize when you need to take action during sex to prevent yourself from coming too early.

If you chose option 3, then your case of premature ejaculation isn’t too severe, but it is nevertheless something you probably want to get rid of. You’d like to double or even triple the amount of time you’re able to have sex for. To do this, you need to learn techniques that involve strengthening your PC muscle, heightening your arousal awareness and improving your sexual technique.

Whatever the cause of your personal problem with premature ejaculation is, it can almost always be improved or even fixed when you have the right knowledge and the correct attitude.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Article #2

How To Change Your Mindset And Improve Your Sexual Stamina

One of the main reasons men suffer from premature ejaculation—which simply means reaching orgasm before they ideally want to when they have sex—is because they have a negative mindset. And it’s not surprising when you think about it. Our minds rule our bodies. If we are sad, we cry. If we are happy, we smile and walk confidently. And, yes, if we have the wrong mindset, we guys can climax too early during sex. Here’s how it works.

Let’s take an imaginary guy called James, who reaches orgasm too soon. He knows this and is very, very conscious of the fact that he wishes he could last longer and satisfy himself and his partners more. He’s been sexually active for a few years, it doesn’t really matter how long – the point is, he’s not happy with his performance.

Fast forward to a sexual encounter. Even before foreplay has begun – as soon as the opportunity or chance to have sex has arisen – in the back of his mind is the nagging thought, “This time I’d like to last longer than I have in the past, but will I ejaculate too soon?”. Already, either consciously or subconsciously, his performance is tainted with negative emotion. It’s providing extra pressure he really doesn’t need.

Before sex he was thinking about foreplay, during foreplay he’s thinking about how he’s going to satisfy the female, and all the while at the back of his mind overshadowing his thoughts is that question, “Am I going to ejaculate too soon?”  This technique focuses on bringing you into the present and avoiding the negative emotion that’s brought on by thinking about what has happened in the past, or what might happen the next time you have sex.

Totally aside from sex, you can witness how we operate on auto-pilot. Everyday, we’re taking ourselves out of the present and into the future when we really don’t need to. Walking down the street you’re thinking of work, at work you’re thinking about sex, during sex...well, we know what you’re thinking about during sex.

The point is, to fully relax and focus and enjoy sex for long periods, you need to be in the present. Inadvertently thinking about what might happen – ejaculating too soon – takes your focus off what is actually happening: you’re moving up the stimulation scale. This in turn hampers your ability to identify how close you are to an orgasm, making its prevention impossible.

This technique has one simple goal: to increase your self-awareness and bring you back into the present during sex. It’s used during the plateau stage of sex, the hard part, where keeping control of yourself is the most important and difficult. What you need to do is, every now and then, ask yourself a couple of simple questions in your head. “Do I feel tense or relaxed?” and “How close am I to reaching orgasm?”

It’s really important you say the questions in your head and not just “think” them. Actually say each word. The first question uses a simple psychological principle to relax you and bring you into the situation at hand. If, after asking yourself if you feel tense, you notice your shoulders are tight, or that you’re tensing your stomach when it’s not necessary, you don’t need to think of what to do next. Your shoulders automatically drop and your tense mid-section relaxes.

Asking yourself the second question, “How close am I to reaching orgasm?” is something you should be doing throughout sex – identifying where you are on the stimulation scale. This brings you into the present and focuses you, but actually saying the question in your head once in a while is doubly effective!

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Article #3

How To Extend Your Sexual Performance By Using Sex Positions Like An Expert

You can’t have penetrative sex without using at least one sex position. And some people say you can’t have really good sex without using at least two or three sex positions. So what does this mean for a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation?

On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to mean much. After all, what difference does a second or third sex position make when you come two minutes into the first one? However, the truth is that sex positions can be a premature ejaculator’s greatest tool when they’re used correctly. Here’s how.

Let’s name 5 sex positions.

  • Missionary position (you on top, as she lies under you).
  • Spoons (you both lying on your sides, with you behind her).
  • Cowgirl (her on top, facing you).
  • Reverse missionary (she lies totally flat on her belly, you kneel—with one knee on either side of her body—above her)

You need to perform these in the order shown above next time you have sex, or, if you can’t complete them all in one session, over the course of several sexual encounters.

Now we need to set up a stimulation scale in your mind. Make 0 mean absolutely no sexual stimulation. Make 5 mean fairly sexually stimulated. Make 7 very sexually stimulated. 8 should be close to coming. 9 should be right on the edge, just before the point of no return and 10 should be climaxing.

You’re going to perform each position for as long as it takes you to reach a 7 or 8 on the stimulation scale. While performing each position you should ask yourself the following questions (either silently, or as a discussion with your partner).

1. How tight does this feel on my penis?

2. How intense is the stimulation on my penis?

3. How quickly is it building up the stimulation?

4. How long does it take for me to go from 0 to 8 on the stimulation scale while in this position?

5. How easy is it for me to bring myself back down the stimulation while in this position by altering my thrust speed, depth and angle?

By asking yourself the questions above, you’ll be able to determine exactly which sex positions afford you the most control of your stimulation levels and which afford you the least. Based on this information, you can then rank them from the most intense to the least intense and then—you guessed it—use them in this order during your subsequent sexual encounters.

Don’t worry about it getting samey. You can still mix it up a bit. The important thing is that you now know which positions are a big no-no when you’re already on the edge of coming. That’s a very, very useful piece of knowledge to have when you have premature ejaculation. It will allow you to add up to 10 minutes onto your sexual performance.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Article #4

How ‘Stimulation Awareness’ Can Help You To Last Longer In Bed

I’d like you to imagine you’re an athlete whose specialty is running the 1000 meter race. Your goal is to run or jog around the 1000 meter track in the shortest amount of time possible.

Simple enough, you’d think. Just run as fast as you can. But that’s not how it works. If you were to sprint at your maximum speed as soon as the starting gun sounded, you’d soon be so drained that finishing off the rest of the 1000 m would be impossible.

The real way to do the run is to pace yourself and be acutely aware of how tired you are and how strained your body is getting at each point in the race. By having this heightened awareness of what’s going on in your body, you are able to configure your speed to an extremely fine degree, optimising it as you go.

Now, the subject of this article is not how to run well. It is, as the title suggests, how to last longer in bed. The reason I just described the running of a race is because the same principle applies to when you have sex. If you aren’t absolutely aware of the sensations in your body, you will find it impossible to configure your performance and make it last longer. Here’s how to develop this awareness.

  • Set aside half an hour when you know you can relax, undisturbed.

  • Arouse yourself until you are erect using whatever method works for you.

  • Now start to masturbate at a medium speed. As soon as you start, pay attention to where on your penis you are feeling the sensations of pleasure.

  • Begin to pick up speed and increase grip strength. Focus on how the sensations of pleasure change, both in their location and their intensity.

  • Spend about five minutes varying the speed and technique you use. During this time, pay close attention to the feelings you’re experiencing. You should notice that, as you continue to masturbate, there will be a growing sense of pleasure in the head of your penis and down at the base, on the topside. Feel how this begins to increase and become more noticeable as you continue.

  • Now get the point of almost climaxing and try to detect exactly how it feels. Notice every wave of pleasure, where it starts, how long it lasts…every little detail.

  • Keep on the edge of coming for as long as it takes to experience all of the changes in sensation and stimulation you can. Then come and see how the feelings subside.

This kind of experiment builds your understanding and awareness of what the sensations in your penis are as you get aroused and how they change as you get closer to your climax. This is crucial knowledge when attempting to improve your sexual stamina, because when you have sex, you will know what every little feeling in your penis means at any given time in regards to how close to coming you are. You’re then free to slow down, speed up, change positions, or do whatever is right to avoid climaxing too early and continue having sex with your partner.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Article #5

How To Use The Blast Technique To Increase Your Sexual Stamina And Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Many men think that the only way to correct the problem of premature ejaculation is to try harder not to come while having sex with their partners. They’ll grit their teeth, think of their friend’s grandma, count backwards from 1000—they’ll do whatever they can to distract themselves from the fact that they’re close to climaxing.

The truth is, sometimes the best way to extend your sexual performance is to learn techniques that are designed to be used when you aren’t having sex. The ‘Blast’ concept is one such technique.

You should try to perform this whole thing in the shower, because it can be a tad messy. Plus, any noise that’s created is masked by the sound of the falling water. It’s just nicer, to be honest—warm and convenient. It’s also a time that is scheduled in your daily life. So if you have a shower every morning, you can use this technique during it, at the same time every other day. This helps you to avoid forgetting to perform the technique.

Start by getting in the shower. Get lots of very warm eater cascading all over you. This will get your blood rushing through your system, which is good for the next step. Start to massage your penis. Use whatever technique you prefer for getting yourself up, but try to do it fairly quickly. Okay, you’re now going to blast it.

Get a massive amount of lube in the palm of your right hand. Step forwards, so you’re not under the stream of the shower. Now grasp your penis using your dominant, lubed up hand and blast it. Jerk it hard and fast, focussing on the head of your penis. Really whack the hell out of it. It sounds ridiculous, but it works, so what the hell. Keep going crazy on it.

Tighten and tense your legs to increase the stimulation and sensations even more. You want to get damn close to coming in as short a space of time as humanly possible. You should be able to do it in less than 60 seconds. But as it’s your first time, don’t worry too much about the clock.

As soon as you feel yourself approaching the point of no return, around the 9 mark on a scale of 1-10 of sexual stimulation, instantly stop jerking it.

Now, if you struggle to get this close to the edge in under a minute or two, you should try doing the technique out of the shower, while lying on your bed. This way, you’re able to really stretch out your legs, which we all know will help you approach ejaculation quickly.

The point of this exercise is the following. You literally go crazy on your penis in the shortest amount of time possible, until you’re just about to come. This technique ‘teaches’ your penis self-control in a highly effective way. It’s put through its paces in a really short space of time, just like when you have sex. You usually come too quickly. But during this technique, you have much more control. You simulate becoming completely aroused too quickly, then totally back off. You’re doing what you can’t really do when actually having sex—unless your partner is extremely understanding and not easily fazed.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Article #6

How To Train Yourself To Last Longer In Bed By Using Live Action Edging

Edging is a technique that can be used to increase your ability to refrain from climaxing when you’re really stimulated and turned on. It goes like this.

You imagine a scale of stimulation from 1 to 10. 1 means you aren’t stimulated at all. It’s how you are before you even start to have sex. 3 means you’re starting to become physically stimulated. In other words, you can definitely feel it, but it’s not enough to make you come too early.

6 is where you really start to feel stimulated. If you carried on with this level of stimulation, you’d rise to the next number on the scale: 7. 7 is where you’re very sexually stimulated. When you go above a 7 on the stimulation scale, you get close to the point of no return which is a 9. Passing the point of no return means you’re definitely going to ejaculate, no matter what you do.

The edging technique involves masturbating until you get to a 7 on the scale, then backing off and slowing down until you’re back down to a 4 or 5, then speeding up until you’re about a 7 or 8 once more. Using this method, you can learn to control your stimulation levels and thereby extend how long you’re able to have sex without coming. Once you’ve used edging alone for a while, though, you should take it to the next level: edging with your partner. Here’s how to do that.

Begin sex with your partner. You should have already discussed that you’re going to try edging during this sexual encounter and she should be happy and enthusiastic about the idea. After foreplay, enter you partner in the position you know creates the smallest amount of sexual stimulation for you.

Now slowly build your way up to 7 on the stimulation scale. Be careful—it’s easy to jump right past 7 and pass the point of no return when using the edging technique in ‘live’ conditions. Once you’re at or just beyond 7, and therefore fairly close to coming, slow down or withdraw from your partner, wait a moment, then build it back up once more. Keep going just as you do it when performing edging by yourself. After a while, you can switch to your next least intense sexual position and start the edging process once more.

Of course, your partner doesn’t have to just lie there and let you beaver away throughout all of this. You can still kiss her, talk to her, tease her, etc. In other words, done right, this technique is awesome for your partner, even though it’s serving a productive purpose for you. Keep going through sexual positions, edging throughout each one. If you come after a while, don’t worry about it. You’ve made good progress. Next time, you’ll be able to go even further.

You won’t believe how effective this technique is when used in conjunction with deep breathing exercises. After just three or four sexual encounters, during which you’ve used this technique, you’ll notice that you can last two or even three times as long as you used to, before you used this method of edging.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Article #7

How To Breathe Your Way To A Longer, More Fulfilling Sexual Performance

When tackling the problem of premature ejaculation, it’s easy for a guy to only think about sex from a male point of view—because, after all, coming too soon is a male problem. But this is a mistake. When you think about it, there are certain key similarities (and differences) between the sexes that, when understood, can help you extend your sexual performance.
Both sexes have that feeling that sexual stimulation and sensation are building in their ‘private regions’. They both get that sudden feeling about five seconds before they come when they know it’s going to happen. Those a few of the similarities.

But there’s also a key difference between the male and female orgasms which is worth taking note of. It concerns breathing or not breathing during the minute or so before the orgasm could technically take place. If a woman unconsciously holds her breath for the minute or so before she could potentially come, it will tend to delay her orgasm—in other words, make it harder for her to come. However, if a man holds his breath for the minute or so before he could come, it will tend to make him come faster. God knows why this is the case, but it is. So when you are having sex and want to delay when you come, you should always focus on doing the following:

  • Breathe slowly and in a regular fashion. Don’t take random breaths only when you need them.
  • Breathe deeply, focussing on your lower chest and belly. Expanding your belly as you breathe helps you take in more air, which relaxes you and keeps you calm.
  • NEVER hold your breathe. Just don’t do it. It tenses you up and puts you on edge, making you much more likely to come too soon.

By breathing deeply and regularly in the way described above, you’ll be able to reduce anxiety and increase your ability to always be totally aware of the sensations you’re feeling in and around your penis. The natural result? A longer, more pleasurable sexual experience for you and your partner.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Article #8

How To Use The Distract And Direct Technique To Keep Control Of Your Sexual Climax—Even When She’s In Charge

The three most common sex positions that involve the woman being in control of the action are, of  course, her on top facing you (cowgirl), her on top facing away from you (reverse cowgirl) and doggy style. Doggy style might at first seem like a position in which the man is in control, but in reality, quite often the girl will start to move backwards and forwards, and well, you get the idea. She takes control and the guy stands or kneels as the action goes on.

So, with these two positions in mind, how do you control your stimulation levels without stopping the action? Well, you don’t. You use the Distract and Direct technique. Here’s how.

Let’s say your partner is on top of you, in cowgirl. She’d riding you and it’s all good. Then you start to feel yourself moving rapidly up the stimulation scale, past a 5 and towards a 7.

To clarify, the stimulation scale is something you can use in your head to identify how stimulated you are and therefore how close you are to reaching your climax. 0 is not stimulated at all. 3 is somewhat stimulated but still in total control. 6 is where you really start to feel stimulated. If you carried on with this level of stimulation, you’d rise to the next number on the scale: 7. 7 is where you’re very sexually stimulated. When you go above a 7 on the stimulation scale, you get close to the point of no return which is a 9. Passing the point of no return means you’re definitely going to ejaculate, no matter what you do.

By the time you reach 7 on this scale, you want to know that you’re going to be able to adjust the action in such a way that will allow you to slowly bring your stimulation level back down. Here’s how.

She’s riding you and has been doing so for a minute or two. You reach 7 on the scale. You say to her, “That feels so good. Come here, I want to kiss you.” She’ll then bend down to kiss you. So instead of sitting up straight, she’s now on top of you, with her head near yours and her chest pretty much parallel to your torso.

Start kissing her and slowly take over the action. Because she’s leaning forward so much, she’ll naturally stop or vastly slow down the amount of bouncing and grinding she’s doing. You can now place your hands on her rear and take over the thrusting AT YOUR OWN SPEED. This gives you the chance to get back to where you want to be on the stimulation scale. So, kissing her is the distraction and taking over the thrusting and movement is the direction.

When you’re ready for her to start again, stop kissing her and bring your hands back to your sides.  She’ll naturally sit up again and take over once more. There’s no agreement or discussion here—it just works by itself because of the change in body positions.

Now let’s imagine you’re in doggy and she’s controlling the back and forth movement. You realize you’re around the 7 mark on the scale. You need to distract and direct. Distract by leaning forward a little, reaching around her waist and rubbing her clit. This will make her slow down her movement.

Now slowly begin to take over the thrusting, until you’re going at a fair speed. At which point, lean back so you’re vertical again and carry on. When you’re ready for her to take over once more, stop thrusting and she’ll feel a natural urge take control again.

The Distract and Direct technique works so well because the girl always feels like she’s the one controlling the action, even when—for a minute or two—you take over. She doesn’t realize this happens because she gets distracted by kissing or rubbing or something. Before she knows it, she’s back controlling the action. This makes sex feel two-way, shared and therefore damn good, for you and for her.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Article #9

How To Use The REAL Distraction Principle To Boost Your Sexual Stamina

‘Premature ejaculation’ is a well known term. And every guy that’s heard of it has his own theory on the best way to deal with it. One of the most common is often referred to as the distraction technique. It goes like this.

While having sex, the guy who doesn’t want to come too soon thinks of mind-numbing concepts or completely non-sexual imagery. For example, he’ll count back from 1000 or picture a deer getting hit by a car. Whatever it is, he’ll make sure it is a complete turn-off. He’ll do this in an attempt to take himself out of the moment and therefore distance himself from the sexual stimulation he is receiving—all in an effort to extend his sexual performance.

But you have to ask yourself: is having sex for a long time worth it if you’ve got to totally separate your mind from it? Of course not! This distraction principle is a bad way to handle the problem of rapid ejaculation. Instead, you should use the REAL distraction principle, which goes like this.

Great sex isn’t just about penetration—any man that thinks different is in for a nasty surprise. Mutually pleasurable, great sex is a combination of teasing, foreplay and penetration, amongst other things. The point here is that sex should be varied. This is not only good from a pleasure point of view, but also from a premature ejaculation point of view. By periodically altering what you and your partner do to and with each other during sex, you can keep your stimulation levels under control and thereby delay your climax from happening until you want it to.

The reason this is called the real distraction technique is because you are effectively distracting you and your partner’s attention away from the fact that you aren’t having penetrative sex and onto the fact that you are doing something different yet equally pleasurable, like massaging each other, performing oral and manual stimulation, engaging in dirty talk, kissing and licking each other, etc.

What you should do is alternate between a minute or two of penetration (or however long you can currently last without your stimulation levels soaring too high) and some other, non-penetrative activity, like giving her head or kissing up and down her body. As well as your partner loving the variation of your sexual encounter, you’ll also love the fact that your stimulation levels are always under control, because whenever they get too high, you can simply switch to doing something else for a minute or so.

It’s a simple, but devastatingly effective technique. In fact, most women who experience this kind of varied sexual experience prefer it over having sex with a guy who doesn’t have premature ejaculation but who can have penetrative sex for as long as he wants.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at 

Article #10

How To Use The Triple ‘S’ Technique To Last Longer In Bed

If you suffer from premature ejaculation and want to remove it from your sex life, the first thing you must do is ascertain how much of a problem it is for you. Which of the following sums up most closely how long you can last in the sack?

  • Less than one minute
  • Between one minute and two minutes
  • Between three minutes and five minutes
  • Between five minutes and ten minutes
  • Always under 15 minutes

The higher your choice is on that list, the worse your problem with premature ejaculation is. But that’s okay, in fact, it’s a good thing. You now know what you’re dealing with. Now you need a technique to tackle the problem. The triple ‘S’ technique is a perfect method to start with. Here’s how it works.

When you have sex with your partner, it starts out fine. You’re enjoying it and able to control your stimulation levels. However, as you continue, your stimulation levels grow rapidly and start to get out of hand. Finally, they get too high and make you ejaculate too quickly.

The key to solving the problem is taking action before the process just described can complete itself. Here’s how. Start having sex as normal. Carry on until you feel your stimulation levels growing to a point at which you know they’re becoming unmanageable.

You now need to use the first ‘S’ of this technique: slow down. It’s simple and easy. Just slow down the speed of your thrust action. Also alter the depth of your strokes, to make the penetration less intense. Once your stimulation levels have dropped to a more manageable level, you can increase the speed and depth of your strokes again.

Continue for as long as it takes for your stimulation levels to get out of hand once more. It doesn’t matter if this is 30 seconds or 3 minutes after you applied the first ‘S’.

Now you’re going to apply the second ‘S’, which is ‘stop’. Stop the motion completely and deflect your attention onto another part of your partner’s body. Rub her clit, kiss her lips, massage her back…do whatever you want until your stimulation levels have dropped once more. When they’re back to normal, initiate penetration again. Keep going until you’re getting close to the edge.

By this point, you’ll probably notice that even slowing down or stopping aren’t going to allow you to continue for much longer. You need to apply the final ‘S’, which is ‘squeeze’. When your stimulation levels soar and push you close to the point of no return, withdraw your penis from your partner and squeeze it hard at the end, right on the head. This sounds a little brutal, but it really isn’t. Squeeze and pinch it until you feel the sensations subside, then carry on having sex.

By using all three of the S’s of this technique, you can effectively extend your sexual performance by up to 7 minutes…the first time you try it. Just imagine what the application of other sexual stamina building techniques could do for you.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to last longer in bed, delay and control orgasms and totally overcome premature ejaculation and has written a book that guarantees you instant results in as little as a few hours from now. Check it out now at

Multiple Title Article #1

Title Suggestions:

  • Forget Everything You THINK You Know About Premature Ejaculation – Things Have Changed!

  • A Simple Way To Increase Your Sexual Control That You Can Use TONIGHT!

  • Natural, Simple And Highly Effective: A Great Way To Extend Your Love-Making!

  • Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Regain Control Over Your Sexual Performance

Good things are happening in the world of men’s health and fitness – and they’ve been slowly improving for a while now. A perfect example of the kind of positive progress I’m referring to is in the subject of male sexual health, namely: premature ejaculation.

That’s quite a daunting, almost terminal-sounding term. But in essence, all it really means is that your performance in bed – its length in minutes, or maybe even seconds – isn’t something you’re happy with. If you’ve recognized that your sexual abilities aren’t quite up to scratch and have therefore decided to seek an answer to the problem (a way of massively improving your lasting power FOREVER) then you’re already way, way ahead of most guys who share the same concerns as you over their love-making prowess. And let’s face it: what guy WOULDN’T love to quickly and permanently boost their sexual skills?

So, what do most men already know about how to extend sex? Well, I suppose there’s the old classic: taking your mind off it. You can think of non-sexual things, like dead animals, or perhaps try difficult mental arithmetic. This technique works some of the time, for some men. Another method of lasting longer many men try is wearing two condoms, to decrease the sexual sensation and thereby lengthen their performance. Again, this sometimes works for some guys.

I think you’ve probably already spotted the problem with both of these methods, though – they decrease your fun and enjoyment. Sex should be exciting and hassle free! Negative thoughts have no place in great sex. And wearing two condoms, while it may give you a little more time to work your magic, can actually cause more problems than it solves – like a tear caused by a trapped air bubble. That’s the last thing you need.

Thankfully, many simple and stress-free techniques exist that can be used instead of the two above. Combining just a few of the most effective of these methods is often enough to eradicate the problem of premature ejaculation forever. Let’s take a look at one of the best right now:

Breath Control.

“The way I breathe? I doubt that has much effect on my sexual performance!”

Most men are right to be skeptical – especially considering the fact that many of us guys have tried controlling our breathing while having sex without any noticeable improvement. The reason we don’t see much difference in performance length and overall impressiveness, quite simply, is because we’re not doing it right. We’ve summarized the technique of deep breathing in our heads and in so doing removed any benefit PROPER breath control can have for us fellas while getting down and dirty.

Let’s look at how it SHOULD be done:

1.  Keep your focus on your lower torso. As you breathe in, push out your belly and your lower ribs. Don’t suck your stomach in like most people do when they try to breathe deeply. Think of the breathing action as going out and in rather than up and down. If your chest moves before your belly, or you notice your shoulders rising and falling significantly, you’ll simply reinforce the habit of anxious breathing. Anxious breathing massively decreases your ability to control your sexual arousal. Deep breathing does the reverse and gives you the control back.

2. Keep the breathing natural; don’t try to force it to be perfectly regular. Allow each breath to take the shape and time that feels natural to it. Then rest a little at the end of the out-breath, and wait for the in-breath to start when it wants to. Forcing regular breathing during sex, which MILLIONS of men do daily in, actually creates more mental anxiety than it eradicates. Keeping it natural and unforced further de-stresses your mind and by doing so gives you heightened control over your body – namely, your sexual pleasure.

There’s a multitude of other 100% natural, easy to learn and even easier to use, techniques that can – however much of a surprise it comes as to most men – enhance your performance in bed. You can it make it longer and much more pleasurable to your and your woman, without the pills, sprays or creams so many other men who seek an answer to premature ejaculation use to disappointing effect.

Practice the deep breathing technique above, use it during sex and reap the sexual control benefits! Then, if you want to improve still further, learn and use a few other great arousal management methods.

For more information on how to easily and effectively control your performance in bed, check out Edward White’s book: "The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual." It’s available at his site:

Multiple Title Article #2

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  • Know Thyself: How To Quickly And Easily Take Control Of Your Sexual Arousal In Bed

  • 99.9% Of Men Don’t Know How To Recognize Premature Ejaculation Before It Arrives – Join The .01% Of Guys That Do…TODAY!

  • Learn How To Recognize And Deal With Premature Ejaculation BEFORE It Arrives!

  • Learning About Your ‘Point Of No Return’ Is The BEST Way Of Controlling And Extending Your Sexual Performance – Discover How!

  • Discover How To Quickly Identify Your Arousal Status In Bed – And Then Extend Your Performance By Up To 500% By Controlling It!

  • A Simple Method Of Arousal Control That’ll Boost Your ‘Lasting Power’ In Bed!

The causes of premature ejaculation (reaching your climax sooner than you’d like) are grossly misunderstood. As such, many men think that their sexual performance – especially how long they’re able to last before climaxing – is unchangeable and not able to be improved.  This is completely untrue. Just as you can lift weights to add muscle to your skinny frame, or practice your golf swing to lower your handicap, you can improve your sexual prowess and eradicate premature ejaculation forever. 

One of the best ways to MASSIVELY improve your sexual arousal control in bed is by understanding your Point of No Return. Your Point of No Return, or PoNR, is the split-second before you climax and ejaculate. It’s that fleeting moment which, once passed, means you’ve completely lost control of your sexual arousal and that ejaculation is imminent and unavoidable.  Most men know when they hit their own personal PoNR simply because they quickly become aware of the fact that they’re about to climax – an intense ‘glow’ of pleasurable sensations is usually what clues them in.

However, just because most of us guys know when we’ve lost control by passing our PoNR, doesn’t mean that we’re able to use that knowledge to extend and improve our performance – just that we’re shamefully aware of when it’s almost over.

Here’s what most guys do:

For the first couple of minutes of love-making, which is usually just the start of the first sexual position, they perform care-free – premature ejaculation feels like a distant problem not worth worrying about. After all, so far so good!

A short while later, because of rapidly heightened pleasure sensations, they’ll suddenly become aware of their PoNR. They know that if they don’t change something RIGHT NOW – either by stopping the sex or massively slowing it down – they’ll ejaculate prematurely. Unbeknownst to them, however, their fate for this sexual encounter has been sealed. Properly controlling their sexual arousal from this point on is going to be an uphill struggle. In short, they’re fighting a losing battle.

So, what SHOULD the guy in the example above have done? How could he have used his PoNR to reverse and ultimately control his sexual arousal? And, therefore, extend and improve his performance?

The answer lies in WHEN you take action. The guy in our example above, like so many millions of men, waited until right before reaching his PoNR to recognise that he was in trouble – he did this because up until feeling that sudden rush of pleasure down below he thought he was performing well and that his arousal was under control. However, he didn’t realise that his arousal levels has been increasing quickly and silently.

What YOU must do is establish a pleasure scale in your mind that ranges from 1 to 10.  1 on the pleasure represents no arousal – how you feel before sex begins. 10 is the Point of No Return – the moment when nothing you could possibly do would lower your arousal and give you back control over your sexual performance.

Imagine the Pleasure Scale in your head, with 1 at the bottom and 10 at the top and follow the 4 point plan below. Doing so will give you an improved ability to recognize when your arousal levels are increasing too quickly and thereby allow you to take action and use some select methods and techniques to DECREASE your arousal and continue on with great sex…without ever stopping or otherwise interrupting your love-making. That, my friend, is the mark of a true sexual legend.

The 4 Point Plan:

1. From when the second sex begins till the moment you’re READY to climax, keep the pleasure scale in mind.

2. Every so often, take a mental note of where you are on the pleasure scale. Have you reached the halfway point yet? Are you around a 2 or 3? Keep identifying where you currently are on the pleasure scale – doing so allows you to never do what the guy in the example above did - lose track and therefore lose control.

3. When you feel you’ve reached around the 6 mark on the pleasure scale, think about where you are in the love-making session. If you’re only a couple of minutes in, then proceed to step 4 of this 4 point plan. If you’re over halfway through how long you’d LIKE to last, then continue on regardless.

4.  Before you reach 7 or 8 on the pleasure scale, CHANGE something to decrease your arousal levels. Whether it’s your sexual position, the strength or speed of your strokes or the depth and quality of your breathing, altering your sexual technique at this point of the pleasure scale will give you back your control and thereby allow you to extend your performance and boost your lasting power.

Using this simple formula, of regaining control 2 or 3 steps BEFORE their PoNR, instead of immediately prior to it, the majority of men are able to almost double their staying power. You can, too, so give it a try!

Edward White helps men with premature ejaculation and is the author of "The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual".
For much more information on the Point of No Return, and for methods of decreasing your arousal levels quickly and easily once you’ve learnt about yours, visit his site at:

Multiple Title Article #3

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  • Two Powerful Ways You Can Change Your Diet And In Turn Boost Your Libido.

  • The Foods We Eat Affect The Functions Of Our Bodies – Right Down To Our Sexual Performance!

  • Learn How You Can Help Fix Premature Ejaculation Simply By Changing Your Diet.

What you eat at the dinner table has a massive effect on how well you perform in the sack – and that’s a fact.
The length of your performance, the quality of your sexual technique and even the strength and reliability of your erections are all, to some degree or another, controlled by the foods you eat on a daily basis. I know – that’s a bold statement.

But think of the relationship between your food and your sexual performance like the fuel used by your car. Put the wrong type of gas in, and – if you’re lucky – you’ll just about splutter a few feet, for a few seconds. Eat the wrong foods and your sexual performance will be similarly impacted: you’ll conk out sooner and generally perform more poorly than if you were eating the best things, most of the time.

Okay, the question’s been posed: What can you eat to boost your sexual prowess? And how can the foods you consume improve your ability to put in, time and time again, a powerful and multi-orgasmic sexual performance – for you and the woman you’re with?

First on the menu: Sexual Super-foods.

Sexual super-foods are the absolute best things you can eat to help you out in the bedroom, because they contain chemicals, fibres and vitamins that are all suited to boosting and improving your body in relation to love-making. There are 7 different sexual super-foods, each containing a different selection of natural ingredients and therefore each targeting different areas of sexual skill. I’m going to tell you about one of them right now.

The blueberry is a sexual super-food often referred to as ‘nature’s little blue pill’ because of its remarkable similarities to the wonder drug ‘Viagra’. However, unlike ‘Viagra’, blueberries are cheap, readily available and able to be consumed in bulk!
The beauty of blueberries in regards to maximising your sexual ability lies in what they contain. Firstly, they’re loaded with soluble fibre, which helps push excess cholesterol through your digestive system before it can be broken down, absorbed and deposited in your arteries. They’re also packed with compounds that help relax your blood vessels and improve circulation throughout your body.

The benefit of lower cholesterol and improved blood flow is more blood to you penis during sex and firmer erections as you get older. To harness the powers of this sexual super-food – which include stronger, longer lasting erections – pop a handful of blueberries into a fruit smoothie a couple of times a week.

Next on the menu: General nutrition and Health.

To most people, eating the right foods at the right times is a boring, fairly unfulfilling prospect. I mean, we all know of the overall health benefits of eating right, but we don’t generally care very much about sticking to strict diets – especially considering the time and effort usually involved in doing so. But if most men knew about how much their sexual ability and performance would improve if they simply improved their diets a little and upped their exercise just slightly, they’d be amazed.

It breaks down like this. Eating healthily improves your cardio-vascular fitness (your stamina) and helps maintain high levels of energy – both vital components of any impressive, lengthy sexual performance. A secondary product of eating well, which stems from your high levels of energy and endurance, is a positive mental attitude – in essence, feeling happy and stress-free. These kinds of feelings come about naturally when you eat well because your body is chemically balanced and has high stores of useable energy.

You don’t need to go crazy when it comes to improving your diet to notice a big improvement in your sexual ability. A great place to start is by always, always eating breakfast. But not just any breakfast. Eating cereal that is high in thiamine and riboflavin (check the label) helps your body store energy efficiently – which will come in really handy when you get down and dirty later in the day! Also, eat breads and cereals with lots of niacin in them (again, check the nutritional fact labels). Niacin is a vitamin that’s essential for the secretion of histamine. Your body needs histamine in order to control and trigger explosive orgasms!
Lastly, always get that minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in a day. You’ll really notice the difference eating them makes, in and out of the bedroom.

Okay, so there you have it. A good general diet can be used as a base, which gives you the fundamental levels of energy, fibre and vitamins needed to perform well in bed. Then, the 7 sexual super-foods can be eaten to naturally boost specific chemical levels in your body and thereby further improve your body’s sexual capabilities. You’ve learnt about one of those 7 sexual super-foods already.

The bottom-line? Eat better, perform better!

For more information on how to easily and effectively control your performance in bed, check out Edward White’s book: "The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual." It’s available at his site:

Multiple Title Article #4

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  • How You Can Use Sex Positions To Improve Your Performance In Bed!

  • Using Sex Positions In The Right Way Can Boost Your Performance In Bed By Up To 500%

  • Discover How The Proper Use Of Sex Positions Can Dramatically Improve Your Performance In Bed – Starting As Soon As Tonight!

  • Learn Today How To Use Certain Sex Positions To Help End Premature Ejaculation.

  • The Sex Positions You Use Directly Affect How Long You Last In Bed – Find Out How!

You cannot have sex without using at least one sexual position – that’s obvious, right? Most people, though, tend to use more than one. The average number of positions used per sex “session” is two. That may seem like a really low number, but considering 70% of men ejaculate before they or their are partner are satisfied, it’s not surprising so few positions are able to be used.

The key point that should be noted here, though, is not the number of positions the average couple use, but is instead a much broader principle: Sex, as a physical act, is fundamentally based around the use of different positions. Therefore, they are inherently linked to the performance of the male, each having a different effect on him and each bringing about a varied amount of satisfaction in the female.

Understanding that simple principle allows you, as a man, to latch onto a much more powerful and useable concept: Your sexual performance, arousal containment and general ability to perform impressively in bed can be directly controlled, improved and boosted by the effective choice and use of sex positions. That’s the topic of this article – so let’s wade right in.

The first thing to always bear in mind when you have sex is how each sex position you use will affect your arousal control – that is, your ability to maintain an erection and continue sex without interruptions and without ejaculating too soon. Certain positions, because of the way your body is posed, put stress on your legs, arms or other parts of your body. This stress, caused by maintaining the position while having sex, makes controlling your arousal and holding back from ejaculation much more difficult.

Contrary to popular belief, the missionary position does not offer you much control over your arousal – despite the fact you’re controlling the motion/action of intercourse. This is because, to properly maintain the missionary position, you have to support your body weight using a combination of your arms and legs. You’re essentially propping yourself up. After a couple of minutes of propping and thrusting, the stress on your body’s muscles has often increased just enough to tip you over the edge, which causes you to suddenly lose control of your arousal levels and ejaculate too soon.

However, this doesn’t mean you should remove the missionary position from your love-making repertoire. What you should do, is simply be aware of the stresses it can cause and the effects those stresses can have on your ability to control your arousal levels. With this knowledge, you can choose to use the missionary position as the first one in your sex session – while you’re most in control and least tired overall.

Let’s take this principle of bodily stress and its resulting negative effects on your performance control further. Positions such as ‘woman on top’ or ‘reverse woman on top’ (her facing away from you, while sitting on you) offer you better control than positions in which you squat down or prop yourself up on an elbow or hand – regardless of the fact that she’s controlling the action. Therefore, try using them nearer the end of your love-making session, when you’re the most physically fatigued and closest to ejaculating – these are the times when removing the stress caused by certain sex positions can prove crucial in allowing you to avoid premature ejaculation.

Finally, never underestimate the power of the ‘Spoons’ position. ‘Spoons’, if you don’t already know, involves you lying on your side with your legs slightly bent, with the female pressed against your front, her legs slightly parted, her hips tilted to one side, and her knees bent.

This position offers you massive control over your arousal levels. First, because you’re lying down and not forced to maintain an awkward pose (which eliminates the bodily stress principle just described). Second, because you’re fully in control of the thrusting action, which means you can speed up or decrease the power, depth and frequency of the action. And, if those reasons weren’t enough, you’re in a great position to lean your head over her shoulder, slow down the rhythmic thrust of your hips (and therefore give yourself time to calm your arousal levels), and gently kiss and caress her neck and cheek.

Women love men who take control during sex through the use of different positions. They, however, don’t realise that sex positions give you, as a man, an alternative kind of control - in the form of reliable arousal containment and in the overall improvement of the length and quality of your sexual performance.

Always remember to use sex positions wisely!
For more information on how to easily and effectively control your performance in bed, check out Edward White’s book: "The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual." It’s available at his site:

Multiple Title Article #5

Title Suggestions:

  • A Great Way To Last Longer In Bed - That 99% Of Men Have Never Even Tried!

  • Two-Step Technique Guaranteed to Make You Last Longer In Bed

  • Here’s An Advance Sex Technique To Help You Stop Premature Ejaculation

Ever heard of arousal step-down techniques?

How about the PC muscle and Kegels?

If you're like most guys, you probably haven't. And as such, most men - unaware of the numerous ways they can boost their sexual skill and 'lasting' power - regularly produce mediocre performances in bed, leaving themselves disappointed and the women they're with disillusioned and usually orgasmless. It's a real shame.

In a poll, 93% of men asked, said they'd like to last longer in bed before ejaculating - but 100% of those men were unaware of how they could achieve such a seemingly impossible feat.

The truth is, it's not impossible (or even difficult) to maximize your sexual performance and attain complete control over how long you boogie for and generally get on down with the ladies.
So, let's take a look at one sexual method that'll allow you massive control over your arousal levels and always give you the choice of when to cum or when to continue.

During sex, most men begin to lose control of themselves (in terms of ejaculation!) at around the 2 or 3 minute mark - which is usually midway through the first sexual position. And what a letdown ejaculating at this point would be! So, that's usually the first point at which you'll use this technique. It involves two steps. The first takes place in your mind - which is the root of many a male's sexual performance troubles.

1. When you first feel those telltale sensations in your penis (the heightened sensitivity and energy that let you know that if you carry on doing what you're doing you'll soon explode) don't panic! Too many men are pushed over the edge, right to ejaculation, because they mentally begin to panic when they feel they're close to orgasm. Panic phrases rush through their heads, like: "Uh oh, I'm gonna blow!" and "Not again, this is going to be embarrassing." Instead of letting these counter-productive thoughts fill your mind and quicken the onset of orgasm, instead calmly say in your head: "Okay, I'm close to ejaculating. Time to use an arousal step-down technique." Then move onto step number two.

2. The most sensitive part of your penis is the top of the shaft and especially the head. To decrease its stimulation (without stopping the 'action') slowly and deeply thrust into your partner, as far as you can go and she can pleasurably take.
Then, gently grind your hips, wiggling your pubic bone (the hard area above your penis, about 8 inches down from your belly button) on her vagina.

To her, this seems and feels like a wonderful stroke variation, which gives her external clitoral stimulation (the number one way to make any woman orgasm). However, behind the scenes, it's momentarily decreasing your stimulation, enabling you to last longer. This happens because when you plunge deep into her, your penis enters a wider area of her vagina, which lessens its contact and stimulation.

Then, to cap it off, you grind and wiggle, instead of thrusting in and out, which further decreases the intense sensations of sex. After 30 seconds or so, your arousal levels will have dropped enough for you to restart your thrusting.

By using this technique, you're able to control your urge to pop without stopping sex and while giving your partner extra sexual stimulation. Now how much better a technique is that for tackling premature ejaculation when compared to what most people consider to be effective techniques? Things like: "Count backward from 100" and "Think of dead puppies!"
Sex, as you well know, is all about fun. Using the 2-step technique above, you can fully enjoy the experience - without the worry of it all being over too soon!

Edward White helps men with premature ejaculation and is author of "The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual". His book is available from

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