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>> BIG NEWS! Now You Can Track Your PPC Keywords From Within Your Clickbank Account And See Which keywords Are Sending You Sales...
Without Us Adding Your Conversion Code!
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>> Plug a sales leak...

Here at PDCash we are always striving to pay YOU more. We want to hear about any potential sales leaks you are concerned about, so we can plug them for you. We want to be as close to 100% leak free as possible so you get commission for every sale. For example, most other sites offer alternative payment methods for their customers such as mailing in a payment check or money order. Even if they don't disclose this information directly on their site. Others actually turn over to another payment processor when Clickbank can't accept the transaction - which means you don't get paid at all for the sale you sent! We don't agree with this practise which is why we DO NOT take mailed payments and will not cascade our payment processors. If we can't pay you what you deserve, we don't take the payment. If you find ANY leaks you think we should plug, please submit a support ticket into the affiliates department and we'll take a look at it.


NEW: Now You Can Find Out Which Google Adwords Keywords Are Sending You Sales
Without Us Adding Your Conversion Code...

- No more guessing which keywords are converting and which ones aren't.

- No more hoping you're a big enough affiliate to get the vendor to add your Google conversion code to their thank you page

- And ultimately... Help you to make more money!

Ok, so the problem used to be that you couldn't easily track which keywords were sending your sales when you used Adwords, Yahoo or MSN pay per click.

So you'd load up your PPC accounts with keywords, fire a load of traffic at it and pray that it made money... If you were lucky, you could email the vendor and beg them to add your conversion code.

But for lots of reasons, this rarely happened. Vendors wouldn't add the code.

So, you'd lose money on your PPC and then stop your campaign.

Well there's absolutely NO reason why that should happen anymore.

By doing the following you can track EXACTLY the keyword that send
sales and exactly the ones that lose you money, directly from within Clickbank.

For anybody experienced with PPC, you'll realize that this is MASSIVE news!

Ok... So here's how you do it:

1. Sign into your Clickbank account
2. Click on "Account Settings" near the top of the screen
3. Scroll down to the box called "Integrated Sales Reporting".
4. Click edit
5. Click the button that says "Add tracking code"
6. Select the type of tracking you require (for example, google adwords)
7. Follow the brief instructions and paste in your code.

I can't say how long we've waited for this enhancement.

Clickbank seem to REALLY be getting their act together lately.

Absolutely AWESOME.

Absolutely POWERFUL.

And it will ABSOLUTELY make a big impact to your bottom line when using PPC!

Now go get started building your latest and most profitable PPC campaign yet.

I really hope this helps you!


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