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>> BIG NEWS! Now You Can Track Your PPC Keywords From Within Your Clickbank Account And See Which keywords Are Sending You Sales...
Without Us Adding Your Conversion Code!
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>> Plug a sales leak...

Here at PDCash we are always striving to pay YOU more. We want to hear about any potential sales leaks you are concerned about, so we can plug them for you. We want to be as close to 100% leak free as possible so you get commission for every sale. For example, most other sites offer alternative payment methods for their customers such as mailing in a payment check or money order. Even if they don't disclose this information directly on their site. Others actually turn over to another payment processor when Clickbank can't accept the transaction - which means you don't get paid at all for the sale you sent! We don't agree with this practise which is why we DO NOT take mailed payments and will not cascade our payment processors. If we can't pay you what you deserve, we don't take the payment. If you find ANY leaks you think we should plug, please submit a support ticket into the affiliates department and we'll take a look at it.


Affiliate Training Course

FACT: For every 1 productive affiliate that earns a full time living on the Internet, there are 99 others who don't even make a single sale...

We aim to change that!

Your Training Modules

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Are you new to affiliate marketing? Need a little help getting started? Then this section is a must read. Find out more about what it takes to succeed as an affiliate marketer, how to work within the Clickbank framework, and how to create a marketing strategy based on your strengths and the arsenal of tools available to internet marketers.

Keywords - Basic and Advanced Keyword Research

What do most successful internet marketing campaigns have in common? It's solid keyword research. The right keywords can give you a big advantage, whatever campaign you wish to run. It's one of the best ways to guarantee yourself a steady stream of well converting traffic. Find out how you can discover and build your own profitable keywords list.

Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing - everyone seems to be doing it. But are they doing it right? In this section of the training, we look into how you can create effective article marketing campaigns that actually bring in traffic and sales.

Email Marketing and List Building

Not everything that you do as an affiliate marketer will be in the public domain. Sometimes, the best marketing is one that's done exclusively and privately, which is what you can do when you have your own mailing list. Find out how to create and manage your mailing list for maximum profitability.

Video Marketing

If you want to make full use of the media that's available on the Internet, then video will form part of your marketing plan. Using video can enhance your overall marketing campaign. Visit this section to get tips on how to use video to your advantage.

Social Networking

Social network marketing is huge! There's lots of unexplored earning opportunities you can tap into. Here are the best ways to build your social network and how to mine it.

Link Building

You will often hear that if you are into affiliate marketing, one of the most important and most time consuming things that you will do is to build links. And it's not just links to your site, or to the sales site. We talking about links to the places that link to you, and links from as many good quality sources as you can find. Learn more about link building strategies, including how to use relevant anchor text or phrases to boost your click through rate.


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